Faculty Research & Publication Board

The Faculty Research and Publication Board (FRPB) at the University of Northern Colorado is a representative body of faculty members charged with oversight of several internally funded grant programs that support the research, scholarship, and creative activities of UNC faculty members..

Which internal grant program is right for you?

Whether you are planning research, travel or other scholarly activities, the Internal Grant Matrix is designed to help you determine which of the internal grant programs fit your needs.

New Project Program Grants

The FRPB New Project Program offers grants to faculty members for the start up of new research and creative projects.

Provost Fund Grants

The Faculty Research and Publication Board (FRPB) is charged with oversight of the Provost Fund. Members of the Board review applications and select projects for funding. Applications are reviewed and awards granted several times throughout the year.

A.M. & Jo Winchester Distinguished Scholar

The Winchester Distinguished Scholar Award is given annually to a scholar who has demonstrated continued excellence in scholarly activity for at least five years. Nominations for the award may be submitted for consideration by the FRPB by any UNC faculty or professional staff member.

The deadline for submission of nominations is the 2nd Friday in October, with the next deadline falling on October 14, 2016.

Recipients of the A.M. & Jo Winchester Distinguished Scholar Award