Who Does What

If you are unsure of whom to contact at OSP for assistance with a particular issue, the information provided here explains which staff member can help with which aspects of applying for and managing grants and contracts.

Finding Funding Opportunities

To request funding opportunity searches for specific project ideas - for assistance using funding databases - to set up profiles for automatic notices of funding opportunities for your areas of interest, contact Arlene Hansen - 351-1932.

Pre-Award Project Development

To discuss project ideas - determine what is needed to shape ideas into fundable grant proposals - analyze sponsor guidelines for programmatic requirements - plan your proposal development process – request feedback as you write your proposal narrative, contact Arlene Hansen - 351-1932.

Budget Development

To discuss your project’s funding needs - ensure that your proposal budget is reasonable and in compliance with sponsor requirements and University policies - request assistance with budget categories, calculating salaries and student support, determining allowability of cost sharing commitments, applying the correct F&A rate, etc., email osp@unco.edu.

Proposal Submission for a Prime Proposal

A prime proposal is one that is being submitted from UNC directly to the funding agency. To plan for the actual submission of a prime proposal, to determine when OSP needs the various sections of your proposal, how to deliver them, and in what format, contact Sherry May - 351-1910.

Proposal Submission for a Sub-Proposal

A sub proposal is one that will be included as part of a collaborative proposal being submitted by another institution or organization to the funding agency. To plan for the actual submission of a sub proposal, to determine what is required by the other institution or organization and when it is needed by OSP, email osp@unco.edu.

Post-Award Management

For assistance with any aspect of managing a funded project according to the terms and conditions of the award, following university policies, and ensuring proper stewardship of the funds, email osp@unco.edu.

Sponsored Program Reports

To request a report of sponsored programs activity for a specific time period or a particular unit, contact: Arlene Hansen - 351-1932

FRPB, Provost Fund & ASAT Applications

For guidance on applying for or managing FRPB New Project Program Grants, Provost Fund Grants, and Annual Scholarly Activity Travel (ASAT) Grants, contact Sherry May - 351-1910.

Human Subjects

For guidance on UNC’s Institutional Review Board and the process for review and approval of IRB protocols, contact Sherry May - 351-1910.