CITI Training in the Responsible Conduct of Research

Through membership in the Collaborative Institutional Training Initiative (CITI) of the University of Miami, online course modules in the Responsible Conduct of Research are available to UNC faculty, staff and students

To Register as a New CITI User:

Go to the CITI website and under Create an Account, click on the "Register" button.

Under "Select your institution or organization" choose the University of Northern Colorado from the "Participating Institutions" drop down box.

Select your own username and password

  • Username:  4-50 characters.  Acceptable characters include letters, numbers, and the symbols “@”, “.”, and “_”.  No spaces or other characters are allowed.  Your username is not case sensitive.
  • Password:  8-12 characters; letters and numbers are the only acceptable characters.  No spaces or other characters are allowed.  Your password is not case sensitive.

Enter your name, e-mail address and other requested contact information.

To Select Your Curriculum (Learner Groups):

At the select curriculum page, read over all information and scroll down the page to select your answers to the enrollment questions. Answer the questions and click the “Next Question” button until you see the submit button.

The included modules are:

  • Responsible Conduct of Research (RCR) Courses – select from the following:
    • RCR for Administrators
    • RCR for Physical Sciences
    • RCR for Social, Behavioral and Educational Sciences
    • RCR for Humanities
  • Human Research Courses – select from the following
    • Social and Behavioral Research
    • Data or Specimens Only
    • IRB Members
    • Students Conducting No More than Minimal Research
  • Conflict of Interest Courses
    • Introduction
    • Financial Conflicts of Interest: Overview, Investigator Responsibilities, and COI Rules (required for PHS funded investigators)
    • Institutional Responsibilities as They Affect Investigators (required of PHS funded investigators)
    • Conflicts of Commitment, Conscience, and Institutional Conflicts of Interest
  • Good Clinical Practice
  • HIPS Course
  • Lab Animal Welfare Courses – select from the following
    • Working with the IACUC
    • Essentials for IACUC Members
    • Working with (different species) in Research Settings
    • Aseptic Surgery
    • Minimizing Pain and Distress

To Log In As a Registered User:

To log in if you are already registered as a CITI user, go to the CITI website, enter your username and password, and click submit.

To Access Your CITI Courses:

When you have logged in to CITI and are at the Main Menu page, go to My Courses and, under Status, select “Incomplete – Re-enter” to start or complete your chosen course.