What to bring with you to Orientation

  • Your UNC Bear Number (80XXXXXXX) – this is your student identification number and will be used by many offices, so memorize it ASAP.
  • Casual dress and comfortable walking shoes.
  • Results of your Spanish Placement Exam-If you are a student who is intending to take a Spanish course at UNC, you must take the Spanish Placement exam and bring the results with you to orientation. The Placement Exam can be accessed on-line. You will work with an advisor from the Spanish program at orientation.
  • Any documents regarding your IB, AP, or dual enrollment credits. We will provide anything that has been submitted prior to your Orientation date (note that some transcripts may not be available to UNC until July) but you may want to double check with our Admissions representative(s) available during your session to ensure your credits transferred as expected.
  • Your immunization documents if they have not been submitted (or are not sure if they have been submitted) prior to your session.
  • Your Bear Pride!