Parking and Check-in


Parking is available at the University Center (between 10th and 11th Avenue and between 20th and 22nd Street) in either the north (A) or south (B) lots and is free in these lots for orientation sessions.

Anyone with accessibility concerns should park on the upper level of the north (B) for easy access to and from the University Center.

GPS users: the University Center address is 2045 10th Ave, Greeley, CO 80639

Campus Map

Parking Map


Checking In

There are two check-in times, which are both in the University Center:

8:00-8:25am - for students and family members participating in the I'm First Workshop (students whose mother and father did not obtain a four-year degree). The first session for the workshop begins at 8:30am. You will also check into housing for the evening at this time and our staff will transport overnight bags to Wiebking Hall for you.

9:15-10:25am - for students and family members not participating in the above-mentioned workshop. You will first check into Orientation and then into overnight housing.

The first session for all students and family members will begin at 10:30am in the University Center.

Pre-registered family members will check in with the student.

Any students or family members who need to walk-in can do so during either of the check-in times.