Checklist for First-Year Students Entering in the Spring

Need to find out what you should send before orientation, what to expect, and what to bring? Look no further! Use the individual tabs on this webpage to navigate to the specific information you are trying to find.

1. Send in Your Transcripts

High School Transcripts

  • The final transcript you submit must have your graduation date listed.
  • You will need to request your final High School Transcript from your High School Counselor. Your counselor can send your transcript through Naviance or to:

UNC Office of Admissions
Campus Box 10
Greeley, CO 80639

Note: Official Final High School Transcripts CANNOT be sent via email or they will not be official.

Dual Credit, Concurrent Enrollment or CU Succeed Transcripts

  • Your Official Transcripts need to be mailed, e-mailed or electronically submitted directly from the institution (e-mail from the student and fax is not acceptable). You also have the option to bring in a transcript if it is in a sealed envelope from the institution. Remember to submit transcripts via email to or mail them to the Office of Admissions:

UNC Office of Admissions
Campus Box 10
Greeley, CO 80639

Note: The Transfer Guide may also be of assistance if you have community college credit.

2. Send in Your Test Scores

SAT/ACT Test Scores

  • UNC will accept scores from high school transcripts or you can request them at with ACT code 0502 or with SAT code 4074

Advanced Placement (AP) and/or International Baccalaureate (IB) Test Scores

  • Most AP and/or IB scores come directly from College Board and International Baccalaureate.  If you did not list the University of Northern Colorado as a school or choice or are not sure if you did, you may contact College Board or IB and request they send the scores to UNC.
  • Scores are sent to the Office of Admissions:

UNC Office of Admissions
Campus Box 10
Greeley, CO 80639

Note: The ACT/SAT/AP/IB/CLEP/Military Credit webpage has more information on how AP/IB credits and course are awarded based on scores.

3. Update Your Medical Information

Send in your Immunization Documents

  • Send immunization documents to the Student Health Center prior to your orientation. If that is not possible, bring documentation to Orientation. Read more information about immunizations.

Get the Meningitis Vaccine

  • If you are in need of a meningitis vaccination, you may contact your medical provider or UNC's Student Health Services to learn more information. If it has been 3 or more years since your last Meningitis vaccine, the CDC recommends a booster.

Complete the Health Insurance Waiver (if applicable)

  • If you would like to waive the UNC insurance, you must show proof of insurance and submit an online waiver to the Student Health Center. Read more information about the UNC health insurance.

Completing Pre-Orientation

  • Once logged into the orientation, you will complete Pre-Orientation before selecting a date for Orientation. The Pre-Orientation will introduce you to resources and steps to take that will be crucial before coming to Orientation on campus.

Becoming part of the Bear Family

  • You will have opportunities to interact with fellow incoming students (new first-time and transfer) who are also beginning their college career at UNC.

  • During Orientation, you will be guided throughout by orientation staff, including upper-class students known as an Orientation Leaders (OLs). The OL will help you identify campus resources as well as answer questions and provide advice about campus life. The OL team has been thoroughly trained in academic advising and will assist students in learning the academic policies and requirements of the university and the student's major program.

  • Fun fact: Sleuth is the term used for a group of bears!

Accessing the “Bear” Essentials

  • At Orientation, you will have the opportunity to get a photo taken for the UNC card which will act as your ID throughout all of college. It's your connection to campus life and beyond while you are attending the University of Northern Colorado. You can use the card as a banking card, library card, door access and in many other convenient ways.

  • You will also have an option to set up a Wells Fargo student account. If you choose to set up the account, the account can also work directly with your UNC ID card.

  • Provided you have attended the entire length of orientation, you will register for classes with a professional or faculty advisor in a group setting (note that the advisor you meet with may not be the one assigned to you in the fall).

  • And, above all, at Orientation, you will learn about UNC and becoming a part of the Bear family! During your time at Orientation, you will encounter connections with clubs and activities, form networks with faculty and staff, gain exposure to our beautiful campus, and form unique and meaningful relationships with fellow students!

Connecting with Resources

  • With our University Fair and Breakout Sessions, you will have various opportunities to speak with campus resources. Offices Represented (subject to change depending on orientation session) at Orientation:

    Army/Air Force ROTC

    Asian/Pacific American Student Services


    Campus Recreation Center

    Center for Human Enrichment

    Cesar Chavez Cultural Center

    College of Education and Behavioral Sciences

    College of Humanities and Social Sciences

    College of Natural and Health Sciences

    College of Performing and Visual Arts

    Counseling Center


    Dean of Students

    Dining Services

    Disability Support Services

    Financial Aid

    Health Center

    Honors Program

    Housing & Residential Education

    Intercollegiate Athletics

    Marcus Garvey Cultural Center

    Monfort College of Business

    Native American Student Services

    Parking Services

    President's Leadership Program


    Student Employment

    Education Abroad

    Student Life

    UNC Card Office

    UNC Police Department

    University Libraries

    Veteran Services

    Wells Fargo Bank


An amazing experience!

  • Orientation will be packed with activities, including, but not limited to: bonding with students from your same major, spending time in our wonderful campus facilities, and indulging in exceptional food made by award-winning chefs. Your Orientation experience will be awesome!  
  • Your Bear Number.

  • Casual dress and comfortable walking shoes.

  • Remember what your login information is to URSA since that is the system you will have to access in order to register for classes.
  • Results of your Spanish Placement Exam-If you are a student who is intending to take a Spanish course at UNC, you must take the Spanish Placement exam and bring the results with you to orientation. The Placement Exam can be accessed on-line. You will work with an advisor from the Spanish program at orientation.

  • Any documents regarding your IB, AP, or dual enrollment credits. We will provide anything that has been submitted prior to your Orientation date (note that some transcripts may not be available to UNC until July) but you may want to double check with our Admissions representative(s) available during your session to ensure your credits transferred as expected.

  • Your immunization documents if they have not been submitted (or are not sure if they have been submitted) prior to your session.

  • Your Bear Pride!