American Sign Language
ASL 1–4 (Prerequisites for ASLEI BA)
Online or Face to Face

American Sign Language I-IV Courses

The University of Northern Colorado Distance Opportunities for Interpreter Training (DO IT) Center offers the American Sign Language courses in an online delivery during the Fall, Spring and Summer academic semesters.

These courses are designed to meet the requirements to be accepted into the ASLEI Bachelor of Arts program. Applicants must have completed ASL 1-4 or be in progress of completing ASL 4 when applying.

The ASL Courses 1-4 are

  • ASL 101 (ASL I): Introduces basics of American Sign Language and Deaf culture; designed for students who have limited/no knowledge of ASL, focusing on receptive and expressive skills in basic conversation, dialogue, and vocabulary development.
  • ASL 102 (ASL II): Expands knowledge of/experiences in American Sign Language skills and Deaf culture; develops communicative competence at beginning level focusing on receptive and expressive skills in basic conversations, dialogue, and vocabulary development.
  • ASL 201 (ASL III): Continues to expand knowledge of experiences in American Sign Language and Deaf culture; designed to emphasize ASL grammar and sentence structure and to develop communicative competence at an intermediate level.
  • ASL 202 (ASL IV): Emphasizes ASL vocabulary, grammatical structure to develop communicative competence at intermediate level, promote awareness of cultural behaviors, rules of discourse, and explores regional and dialectal variations in ASL.

Please visit the currently offered course listing to get started.

The American Sign Language courses are offered by the UNC DO IT Center through the Office of Extended Studies.

Preparing Autonomous Practitioners Nationwide

The ASL – English Interpretation program is unique in two primary ways:

  • This courses are designed to prepare confident interpreter candidates to prepare for acceptance into the ASL-English Interpreters Bachelor of Arts program.
  • It has been designed for distance delivery to impact the national need for highly qualified ASL-English interpreters.

More Resources

We also encourage you to visit the DO IT Center ASL – English Interpretation BA program page for more information.

ASL I-IV courses are offered online or face to face at locations in Colorado.

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Contact the Program Coordinator

American Sign Language – English Interpretation
Off-Campus Program Coordinator

Susan Brown
(866) 885-6087

Academic Program Coordinator
Leilani Johnson, Director of DO IT Center
(866) 885-6087

Course of Study

Please visit the listing of courses for the upcoming semester.

Registraion Requirements and Eligibility by State

Tuition and Financial Aid

More Information about the ASLEI Bachelor of Arts

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