Theatre Education Master of Arts
(Theatre Educator Intensive)
Online + Summer Greeley Workshops

An Online Theatre Education Master's
with Applied Summer Workshops

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The Theatre Education Master of Arts (a Theatre Educator Intensive program) is an academically rigorous program examining the philosophical, theoretical and practical implications in the field of theatre education. In this program, students will reflect on the bigger challenges that constantly face theatre educators in the classroom—and more broadly in the country.

This master's program features online delivery in the academic Fall and Spring plus summer workshops, to fit into the schedules of current and aspiring theatre educators. The summer workshops will involve viewing and working on theatre productions and attending classes.

The Theatre Education Master of Arts program begins in the Fall of each academic year. A maximum of twelve students will be admitted each year. Applicants must apply by April 1; selections will be made by the end of April.

More Resources

We also encourage you to visit the School of Theatre and Dance–Theatre Education MA web page for more information, including program faculty and housing options for the summer workshops.


Contact the Academic Program Coordinator

Theatre Education MA—Academic Program Coordinator

Mary Schuttler
(970) 351-1926

UNC Theatre Education MA
501 20th St, CB 49
Greeley, CO  80639

Course of Study

Degree Requirements—36 Credits

This focused program consists of

  • Three 3-credit online courses spread out over two academic years (graduate transfer credits may also apply);
  • Two 3-week summer institutes (one 9-credit institute each summer) for 18 credits;
  • One 3-credit 500 level or above approved UNC or transferable theatre course; and
  • Six credits of thesis advisement (a written thesis is required of all School of Theatre Arts Master of Arts degree candidates)

Total of thirty-six (36) credits over two academic years and two summer sessions. While on campus in the summer (last 3 weeks of July), students will attend classes—and view or work on productions—Monday through Saturday. For an example schedule of courses by year, visit the School of Theatre and Dance–Theatre Education MA curriculum page.

Required Courses—33 credits
THED 530      Theatrical Production: Costuming, Make-Up, Props (3)   
THED 531      Technical Production: Lighting, Sound, Set Design (3)
THED 540      Directing/Acting: Realism and Musical Theatre (3)
THED 541      Directing/Acting: Non-Realism/Period Styles (3)
THED 560      Innovative Strategies in Drama Education (3)
THED 561      Voice and Movement (3)
THED 600      Online: Dramaturgy  /Research Methodology (3)    
THED 670      Online: Advocacy, History and Philosophy of Theatre Educ (3)
THED 680      Online: Theatre Education Curriculum Development (3)
THED 690      Thesis I (3) 
THED 699      Thesis II (3)  

Theatre Electives—3 Credits
Approved 500 or 600 Level Theatre Course (3)

Admission Requirements and Transfer Credit

Tuition, Financial Aid and Health Insurance

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