Science Education Master of Arts
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(Can Be Completed Entirely Online)

Science Education for Today's World

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This master's in Science Education is a graduate interdisciplinary MA tailored for practicing teachers. It is presented primarily online, making it flexible and convenient to attend around your schedule. A couple of courses incorporate field or lab experiences in Northern Colorado. For students who cannot attend the on-site field experiences, arrangements can be made to attend activities online.

The goal of this Master of Arts program is to enhance the science and pedagogical knowledge of professional science teachers in the K-12 environment. Practicing teachers can obtain the degree in 2 years. We are currently accepting applications for the Summer 2014 cohort.

Career Advancement

You will gain expertise in inquiry-focused teaching strategies, build understanding of diverse learners, develop strategies to reflect upon how your teaching impacts your K-12 students, experience challenging graduate-level science courses to improve your knowledge for the curriculum needs of your profession, and move yourself up your district salary scale.


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Science Education Master's
Academic Program Coordinator

William Hoyt
(970) 351-2487

Course of Study

Required Coursework

The Science Education master's is 30 credit hours (33 if choosing the thesis option) which can be completed in 2 years.

  • The non-thesis option requires an Action Research Project centered on a science educational topic, developed with the help of the student's advisor, and defended in front of a faculty committee.
  • The thesis option requires a thesis on a science educational topic, designed and implemented with the student's advisor, and defended in front of a faculty committee.

Required Courses—12 hours

  • EDF 619 Pluralism in Education (3) (or any approved course on diversity and equity)
  • PSY 681 Cognition and Instruction I (3)
  • SCED 530 Laboratory, Field, and Studio Safety (1)
  • SCED 578 K-12 Science Inquiry (3)
  • SCED 600 Science Education Research for K-12 Teachers (2)

Required Research Courses—1 of the following options, 3 to 6 hours

For the research experience, students are required to form an advisory committee with a minimum of three qualified faculty.

  • Non-thesis option:
    • SCED 695 Action Research in Science Education I (1)
    • SCED 696 Action Research in Science Education II (1)
    • SCED 697 Action Research in Science Education III (1)
  • Thesis Option: SCED 699 Thesis (1-6)

Required Science Content Courses — 15 hours
Courses are selected from 500+ level with the following prefixes: AST, BIO, CHEM, ENST, ESCI, GEOL, MET, OCN, SCED and SCI; courses must be from at least two prefixes (please contact the Academic Program Coordinator for advisement).

For a List of Program Eligible Courses Being Offered for Upcoming Terms
Please visit the MAST Science Education master's page.

Admission Requirements and Transfer Credit

Tuition, Financial Aid and Health Insurance

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