Nursing: Doctor of Nursing Practice (DNP)
for MSN APNs—Online Program
(+ 3 Greeley Campus Visits)

A 2-Year Mostly-Online DNP Program

The online post-master's Doctor of Nursing Practice (DNP) program prepares individuals for specialized advanced nursing practice with the highest level of scientific knowledge and practice expertise. This master’s-to-DNP program is designed for the practicing APN as a two-year part-time online program to offer you flexibility and convenience.

The post-master's DNP degree is designed for those APN nurses with an MSN degree who are interested in a practice-focused doctorate.

This program, offered by the UNC School of Nursing through the Office of Extended Studies, begins each Fall via a competitive admission process. Class size is limited. Coursework is completely online. There are three required visits to campus: a 3-day on-campus orientation at the beginning of the program (typically scheduled in mid-July), and visits for your capstone project proposal and defense.

DNP—The Terminal Nursing Practice Degree

Graduates of the Doctor of Nursing Practice program will be prepared as clinical experts with a focus on the critical thinking, leadership and political policy skills needed to advocate and create changes in healthcare practice at the individual, population and organizational systems levels.

Graduates of DNP programs assume positions such as Vice President for Nursing and Clinical Services, Program Director, Vice President for Patient Care, Chief Executive Officer, Health Officer, Commissioner of Health, Quality Improvement Director, Clinical Information Technology Specialist, Direct Care Clinician, and as nursing faculty.

More Resources

We also encourage you to visit the School of Nursing–DNP page. You will find a detailed schedule of upcoming courses, answers to frequently asked questions, handbooks and other helpful information. You can also find information on the hybrid (face-to-face and online) Post-Bachelor's to DNP program.

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Contact the Academic Program Coordinator

Nursing: Doctor of Nursing Practice (DNP)
Academic Program Coordinator

Rhonda Squires
(970) 351-2662

Course of Study

For more information on both this online Post-Master's to DNP and a hybrid (face-to-face and online) Post-Bachelor's to DNP visit the School of Nursing DNP web page.

Post-Master's to DNP Pathway—33 Credit Hours

The post-master’s DNP program is designed for the practicing APN as a two-year part-time online program to offer you flexibility and convenience.

Required Coursework (33 Total Credit Hours)
*Pre-requisite: SRM 602 (Statistical Methods 1) or equivalent
Year 1
NURS 618   Epidemiology in Advanced Nursing Practice (3)
NURS 628   Information Technology in Health Care (3)
NURS 638   Concepts in Advanced Evidence Based Practice (3)
NURS 678   Professional Practice/Health Care Finance (3)
NURS 685   DNP Practicum (3-7)
NURS 700   Advanced Nursing Theory (3)
Year 2
NURS 658   Applied Nursing Genomics (3)
NURS 668   Population Centered Health Care (3)
NURS 685   DNP Practicum (3-7)
NURS 688   Advanced Nursing Leadership in Health Care (3)
NURS 795   Capstone Project Seminar (2)
NURS 796   DNP Capstone Project (1-4)

On-Campus Visits
There is a required 3-day on-campus orientation, typically scheduled in mid-July. You will meet program faculty, administrators and fellow students; obtain resources for program success; receive individual advising; and have an opportunity to speak with mentors who have succeeded in the program. The only other required visits to campus are to propose and defend your capstone project.

Clinical Hours
You need a total 1000 hours to successfully complete your DNP. The hours that you completed in your master’s will count toward those 1000 hours. As a licensed APN, the additional required hours will be completed in individualized clinical activities to refresh, expand and enrich your knowledge.

No Master's Degree?—Post-Bachelor's to DNP Pathway—81 Credit Hours
A Bachelor’s to DNP 4-year part-time program is also now available from UNC as a hybrid (face-to-face and online) program. Visit the School of Nursing DNP web page for more details.

Admission Requirements and Transfer Credit

Tuition, Financial Aid and Health Insurance

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