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The sections below should help you manage the steps for starting your program, registering for your courses, accessing your courses online, paying your bills, accessing grades and transcripts, and succeeding at online learning.

Student Services Coordinators

If the information below does not answer your question, please contact the Student Services Coordinator based on the academic college or center for your program:

Kris Adolf
(970) 351-1035

  • College of Education and Behavioral Sciences

Ann O'Connor

  • Center for Urban Education
  • Center for International Education
  • College of Humanities and Social Sciences
  • College of Natural & Health Sciences
  • College of Performing & Visual Arts

How to Topics

Access your Ursa Account

Ursa is the university's online single point of access to secure information and tools for students, faculty, and staff. Among the many options available to students through this portal are access to BearMail, your student records, e-bill, and course registration. Ursa is located at

With Ursa, you’ll be able to:

  • View and search the catalog and class schedules
  • Register for classes
  • Get campus announcements directed to students
  • Accept or decline financial aid awards
  • View and pay account balances
  • Check financial aid status
  • Check your BearMail (university email)
  • View grades
  • View progress toward degree
  • View and order transcripts

New Students—Activating Your Ursa Account
As a first time student, you have to activate your account.

Using a web browser, go to the UNC site at  If you have not been an “active” student or are a new UNC student, choose I am a new student and need to activate my account in the 2nd box on the left hand side of this page.   If you have a pop-up blocker installed on your computer you will need to follow the instructions on the screen to remove the pop-up blocker in order to access Ursa.   (Be sure you have your Bear number and your BearMail/email information ready as both are necessary to activate your BearMail information/password.)

Extended Studies Student Listserv

The Love2Learn listserv for Extended Studies Students (which includes UNC Online students) is a message system used to communicate upcoming events such as comprehensive exam dates, emergency notifications, scholarship information and additions to schedules. All Extended Studies Students are strongly encouraged to subscribe as the listserv is a great way to keep abreast of important information about your program! **Please do not use the listserv for personal communications amongst your own classmates as we have hundreds of students at any one time getting these emails.  Also, please do not “Reply” to the listserv emails as any response would be directed to every student.

To subscribe to the LOVE2LEARN listserv:

  • Send a message to:
  • Leave the subject line blank
  • In the body of the message type: subscribe LOVE2LEARN
  • Remove your email signature if you are using one
  • Send the message
  • You will receive a message that you should print and keep.

To send a message to the LOVE2LEARN listserv:

Please "signoff/unsubscribe" when the course/program is over.

To unsubscribe from the LOVE2LEARN Listserv:

  • Send a message to:
  • Leave the subject line blank
  • In the body of the message type: signoff LOVE2LEARN
  • Remove your signature if you are using one
  • Send the message

Register and Manage Enrollment

Find Your Course(s)

Currently Admitted UNC Students
If you are admitted and pursuing a UNC academic program, you will be able to find your Course of Study and what upcoming courses are available on your program page under Undergraduate Programs or Graduate Programs.

Finding and Registering for Individual Courses While Not Pursuing an Academic Program
To find and register for individual online courses, see the instructions and search link on the Online Course Search.

Register for Courses

Logging in to Ursa and Registering
In the Secure Access Login area of you will need to enter your User Name (the first eight characters of your BearMail) and Password (the same password that is used to access BearMail) and then click the Login button.
There will be several tabs across the top of the screen. To register you will need to click on the Student tab and then follow these instructions:

  1. On the Student tab there is a Registration Tools menu. In this menu you will need to select Register, Add or Drop classes.
  2. Select the appropriate term and submit.
  3. From this point you can register for class on the Add Classes Worksheet
  4. Input the correct 5-digit Course Registration Number (CRN) for each course (see "Find Your Courses" above) and click "Submit Changes" at the bottom of the page.
    ** For Extended Studies classes you may be asked to enter a Start and End date. Do not enter dates. Click the "Submit Changes" button until the course is saved to your registration.
    ** Read the instructions at the top of the page and scroll down to check for any registration errors.
    ** Review your current schedule for accuracy.
  5. When you have finished registering go back to the Student tab.
  6. To view your schedule, select the Registration menu item. From here you can look at your Student Detail Schedule, Week at a Glance or Registration History. All three of the choices will give you a different view of your schedule.
  7. To logout, click the Logout icon in the top right corner of the screen.

If you are having trouble registering, please contact the Registrar at (970) 351-2231.

Drop a Course

To drop a course, go into Ursa and click on your schedule. Use the drop-down menu next to the class to choose Drop Web. Then click Submit. If you are having trouble dropping a course, please contact Extended Studies Student Services at (970) 351-1799.

For information related to refunds and how dropped courses will appear on your transcript, please review the Student Guide below on this page.

Access Your BearMail (Student Email Account)

BearMail is the official email for UNC students and your BearMail address is how you will be contacted for any information concerning your classes, status, changes in scheduling, etc. Your BearMail account information is provided with your admission information; it will be your first four characters of your last name and a randomly chosen 4-digit number (i.e. smit1234 or fox4321). To find out your BearMail email address, go to: and follow the instructions.

Access Your Courses in Blackboard

Access your online/Blackboard course at – Note: you will not be able to access your course until the first day of class and if you have registered for the class within the past 24 hours you may need to wait for the system to update and grant you access.

  • If you have not already viewed the Online Course Demo, viewing it will show you what to expect when you first log in to your online course.
  • Username: The first 8 characters (everything before the @ symbol) of your UNC generated BearMail address.
  • Password: The same password you use to access Ursa and your BearMail account
  • The e-mail address that is used by the Blackboard system will be your university-generated BearMail address.

Technical Help for Blackboard

  • Getting Started in Blackboard
  • Technical support is available from within your online classroom or here at UNC Online. Just look for links to "Technical Help" or "Technical Support."
    Live Technical Support hours for Spring semester:
    Mon-Thurs: 7am to 10pm
    Fri: 7am to 7pm
    Sat-Sun: 10am to 7pm

How To Succeed at Online Learning

View the Tips to Succeed page in the Future Students section of this site.

Access the UNC Library Online

If your assignments require library services to which you do not have access locally, contact the UNC Michener Library at (970) 351-2562 for assistance or visit Your syllabus/study guide may have more specific information concerning use of the library, items on reserve, reference resources, etc.

If you do have access to the Michener Library on campus, to borrow materials from the Michener Library in person bring positive identification and your bear number or confirmation/receipt from registration for your course.

You are also encouraged to use your local area libraries as a primary resource. When there is a choice, an academic library is more likely to have the indexes and other resources you will need for college-level research. Because many libraries provide remote access, you can search various library databases at your own convenience if you have access via the Internet. You can also search library databases from the UNC Libraries website and get online access to many journal articles. Start at

If the materials you need are not available through your local area libraries or if you need additional assistance, contact the UNC Michener Library. Special document delivery access is provided for individuals living more than 50 miles from UNC. When placing requests, please remember to include the complete citation information. You can check the UNC Libraries online catalog at to find out if the materials you need are available at Michener Library. If they aren’t, library personnel will order them from another library for your use.

You may request materials 24/7 by

Access or Waive Student Health Insurance

The UNC Student Health Insurance Plan (SHIP)

The University of Northern Colorado offers a Student Health Insurance Plan (SHIP) to all degree seeking students who enroll in courses on our main UNC Campus, an Extended Studies Center or Online.

Degree seeking graduate students enrolled in 6 or more credit hours and undergraduate students enrolled in 9 or more credit hours will automatically receive this benefit each term. SHIP premiums will appear on your semester bill.

Access your SHIP plan information

Waive Your SHIP Coverage

If you have comparable insurance coverage, and do not want to be charged for SHIP coverage, you must opt out of this plan each Fall via an online waiver process.

Financial Topics

Tuition Rate

Tuition rates are set each academic year (which begin each Fall semester).

Rates for All Courses in Your Academic Program
The tuition rate for each academic program can be found on your program page here in the Current Students section; please visit the Undergraduate Programs or Graduate Programs page to find your program.

Tuition Rates for Those Taking Individual Courses Not Through an Academic Program
The tuition rate will be listed for each course in the Online Course Search.

Paying Your Bill

UNC uses a secure electronic billing (e-billing) system. You will receive notification of an available electronic bill via an email to your BearMail address. E-bill notifications will be sent only to the student unless the student has added an authorized payer to their student account and the authorized payer has submitted a valid e-mail address for receipt of e-bill notifications. Payment is due ON OR BEFORE the payment due date shown on the electronic bill. Failure by you or your authorized payer to check e-bill availability will not constitute valid grounds for waiving late payment penalties or registration, grade, diploma or transcript holds.

You can pay your bill by Ursa, phone, at (970) 351-2201, mail or e-mail at The Bursar’s Office accepts credit cards (Visa, MasterCard, Discover/Other Novus Card) cash or checks. For more detailed information on how to pay a bill, visit the Bursar’s webpage at and check the links on the right-hand side of the page.

New! Students can now use Bear Pay to pay student bills in installments over the course of the semester. For more information, visit the Barsar's webpage at

Financial Aid

Students must be enrolled in a degree program or a teacher licensure program to be eligible for financial aid.  Students may be eligible for student loans. More specific financial aid information is available for each academic program in the Future Students section of the site; visit Undergraduate Programs or Graduate Programs to find your program.

For more details please read the Financial Aid Information for Extended Studies Program packet.

For more information on financial aid, contact:
Aimee Rogers, Financial Aid Counselor:
Phone: (970) 351-2502

Office of Financial Aid
Carter Hall 1005
Campus Box 33
Greeley, CO 80639-0001

Grades & Transcripts

Access Your Grades

Grades can be found under the Student tab in Ursa. UNC operates on a 4.00 grade point system.  To figure out your grade point average, either use the GPA predictor in Ursa or visit

Request Transcripts

Official academic transcripts can be requested from the Registrar’s office at

Apply for Graduation

Undergraduate Students

For information on applying for graduation, visit the Registrar’s page at

Graduate Students

For information on applying for graduation, visit the Graduate School’s page at

Extended Studies Student Guides

UNC Online programs are offered through the UNC Office of Extended Studies. Student Guides have been compiled for all Extended Studies students to help you with these topics and many others. Choose the correct guide below:

Undergraduate Student Guide (PDF)

Graduate Student Guide (PDF)

Degree Program Withdrawal Rules

Courses offered through Extended Studies degree programs have the same rules for withdrawals of courses and complete University Withdrawals.

Visit the Registrar's Office For Complete Withdrawal Rules and Policies