Art & Design MA
Cohort III – Fall 2012 to Summer 2014

Academic Program Coordinator

Connie Stewart
(970) 351-2426

Degree Requirements: 30 credits

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Courses Available for Current and Upcoming Terms
Course Title &
Credit Hours
Course Number & Reg. (CRN) Number Instructor Class Dates
Action Research in Art Education I (3) ART 696-900
CRN 24192
Slivka Jan 13-May 11
Action Research in Art Education II (3) ART 697-700
CRN 40148
Slivka June 30-July 11
Gugg 0001
June 9-Aug 2
Remaining Program Requirement (12 semester hours):
Consult with grad committee for guidance and approval in designing program credits. Choose studio or art history classes during summer sessions or in some cases, during fall and spring semester. All credit hours must be selected from 500 and 600 level classes.


Previous Courses

Courses Offered for Previous Terms
FALL 2012
Literature of Art Education (3) ART 640-900
CRN 14807

Cornelius Sept. 10-Dec. 14
Seminar in Art History-Contemporary Art (3) ART 680-900
CRN 24495
Stewart Jan. 14-May 6
Research Methods in Art (3) ART 600-701
CRN 40831
Stewart Jun 24- Jul 6
Gugg 0001A
FALL 2013
Art Curriculum and Instruction: Studio Methods (3) ART 642-900
CRN 14094
Stewart Sept 3-Dec. 13


Tuition Rate

Tuition rates are set each academic year (which begin each Fall semester).

The tuition rate for the 2013-14 school year for this program is $461 per credit hour.