Fall 2017 Symposium

The call for abstracts for the Fall 2017 Research Symposium will be issued on September 1, 2017.  If you have research that you would like to present, please prepare a 300 word abstract.  A committee made up of faculty and staff from around the campus will choose 8 or 9 abstracts for full presentation at the fall symposium, which will take place in mid-late November.  From those selected to present, three will be chosen as winners, and will submit their papers/presentations to NCUR for consideration.  The due date for abstract submission is listed in the yellow box.


Fall 2016 Symposium Results

The Office of Undergraduate Research is pleased to announce the winners of the Fall 2016 Undergraduate Research Symposium.  The three winners will submit their abstracts to the National Conference on Undergraduate Research. 

Congratulations to our three winners, listed in alphabetical order:

Melissa Chowning - "An Inside View:  Childhood Stress at the Greek Colony, Himera"

Emily S. Doener - "Forest Cover and Change in the Kashmir Valley:  Militarization, Environmental Degradation, and Adaptation"

Everardo Reyes - "Music Deserts:  How Social Inequality Affects Accessibility to Music resources Important to Actively Participating in Music."

To see the complete program and read abstracts of the eight students chosen to present at the symposium, follow the link below.

Fall 2016 Undergraduate Symposium Program

Information on the 32nd Annual National Conference on Undergraduate Research

Will be posted when it is available