OUR Research/Creative Endeavor Support Stipends

A second call for stipend/grant proposals will be issued at the beginning of the Spring 2017 semester.

Stipends will be awarded in amounts up to $1000 per student, per semester ($250 limit for supplies).  While there is no guarantee of a full stipend, OUR will fund as many eligible requests as possible. 

If, after all eligible requests have been funded, there is money remaining, more expensive proposals may receive additional funding.  Students who receive a stipend from OUR will be expected to adhere to all UNC rules and regulations surrounding research, including issues of plagiarism and rules governing human subject research. 

Each student who receives funding must also prepare a document that itemizes the research-related expenses covered by the stipend and provides a summary of the research-related activity.  This document must be turned in by the end of the semester following the issuance of the stipend (if the stipend is awarded in fall, the document is due by the end of spring semester).  Failure to submit this document may result in OUR placing a hold on the student’s account.  If a student abandons the project, or fails to complete it, they must notify OUR, and a refund of the stipend may be requested. 

Highest Priority

  • Standard research projects such as are conducted in science, social science, education, and academic disciplines.
  • Creative endeavors in humanities, business, and other disciplines, which recognize such endeavors as scholarship.
  • Presentation of research and/or creative endeavors at a conference.

Medium Priority

  • Conference attendance
  • Clinic or master class attendance

Lowest Priority

  • Membership dues for professional organizations

Spring and Summer 2017

Stipend information will be available in January.