OUR Research/Creative Endeavor Support Stipends


The Office of Undergraduate Research is offering Research/Creative Endeavor Stipends and Support Grants toward undergraduate scholarship for Spring 2018. UNC Undergraduate students may apply for assistance for research supplies, travel, conference presentations/performances, or as support for research and creative endeavors. Faculty, Staff, Graduate Students are not eligible to apply.

Stipends will be awarded based on the amount of available funding and the number of requests.  While there is no guarantee of a full stipend, OUR will fund as many eligible requests as possible. 

It should be noted that OUR can not fund travel or supply expenses associated with a specific class, for which those supplies or the travel is a required element of the course work.  We do support research and travel associated with programs such as McNair and Honors and with research or travel related to independent study projects or for non-required travel and/or research supplies and time.  Additional funding specifically for travel may be available from the Student Senate's Conference Funding:  http://www.unco.edu/student-senate/conference-funding.aspx

Click here to download the OUR Stipend Application.

Email a completed application to Dr. Janice Dickensheets at our@unco.edu. All submissions must include a signed, completed application, project proposal narrative of no more than two pages, faculty sponsor letter of support, and conference/performance acceptance letter if the application involves conference participation. These must be received by 5 pm February 15, 2018.

Information regarding mileage (if you are driving) and per diem rates for UNC:

As of 1/1/18, the mileage rate is .49 per mile.

To figure out your per diem (which varies based on the city you are traveling to) please click here.

Applications will be ranked according to the following rubric:

Highest Priority

  • Standard research projects such as are conducted in science, social science, education, and academic disciplines.
  • Creative endeavors in humanities, business, and other disciplines, which recognize such endeavors as scholarship.
  • Presentation of research and/or creative endeavors at a conference.

Medium Priority

  • Conference attendance
  • Clinic or master class attendance

Lowest Priority

  • Membership dues for professional organizations

General Due Dates

Due dates for each stipend will appear in the yellow sidebar of all OUR web pages.  In general, however, due dates will be as follows:

Summer Stipends:  Applications will be due in Late March.  Students will be notified of awards around the middle of April.  Awards, however, will not be issued until the beginning of the new fiscal year, which begins on July 1, with funds being dispersed within the first week of July.  This is not optimal, but it is necessary given the timing of UNC's Fiscal Year, and the loading of budgets.

Fall Stipends:  Applications will be due in late September.  Students will be notified of awards around the middle of October.  Funds will be processed as quickly as possible after students are notified.

Spring Stipends:  Applications will be due in mid-February.  Students will be notified of awards around the first of March.  Funds will be processed as quickly as possible after students are notified.