Fall 2017

Welcome students to Fall 2017.  Please check out the Grants/Stipends page for information on the fall Research/Creative Endeavor stipends as well as the Workshops/Conferences page for information on how to submit an abstract for our Fall Symposium.

UNC Undergraduate Research Spring 2017

Congratulations to all UNC students who represented us at various conferences and festivals throughout the country this spring.  Also congratulations to all students who participated in UNC's Research Day. 

Research Day

Congratulations to all who participated in UNC's 2017 Research Day

For more information please visit the Center for Honors, Scholars, and Leadership.


UNC Presents at NCUR 2017

2017 UNC students at NCUR

The following students presented papers at the 31st Annual National Conference on Undergraduate Research in Memphis, TN last April:

Christen Ayers, "Learning the Language of Math" 

christen ayres at NCUR 2017


Melissa Chowning "An Inside View: Childhood Stress at the Greek Colony, Himera"

melissa chowning at NCUR 2017


Alexis Corcoran, Alyssa Shepherd, & Carly Browning , "Characterization of Luminal and Basal-like Breast Cancer Cells in Relation to BCL11A Genomic Editing"

corcoran, shepherd, browning at NCUR 2017

Emily Doerner, "Forest Cover and Change in the Kashmir Valley: Militarization, Environmental Degradation, and Adaptation" 

emily doerner at NCUR 2017


Everardo Reyes, "Music Deserts: How social inequality affects accessibility to musical resources important to actively participating in music " 

everardo reyes at NCUR 2017


The Office of Undergraduate Research

The Office of Undergraduate Research (OUR) provides support and recognition for undergraduate student research and creative endeavors for all Colleges at the University of Northern Colorado, furthering the University's goals for active learning, creativity, and original research. OUR also provides opportunities for grants, presentations and performances at symposiums and publication through URSIDAE, the Undergraduate Research Journal.

Faculty Fellow for Undergraduate Research

Dr. Janice Dickensheets
Assistant Professor of Music, Music History and Literature

Undergraduate Research Journal

To view the newest journal issue including articles from 2016-17 visit the journal at  http://digscholarship.unco.edu/urj/

As a matter of note, the URJ is published electronically, available via the web and is a fully open access journal. All works published in the URJ are published under an attribution, non-commercial, and share-alike Creative Commons license. Copyright is retained by the author.