UNC Financial Aid Staff

Marty Somero

Director of Financial Aid
Email: Marty.Somero@unco.edu

Marty Somero Iíve been assisting families for more than 30 years get through this ever so important government ďmazeĒ of financial aid. As a first generation college student, Iíve been helping students obtain financial aid ever since I started my graduate school internship at Central Michigan University. CMU is where I obtained my MA Degree. Prior to that, I received my BA from Michigan State University. For 18 years, I was Asst Dean\Director of Student Financial Services at Western State College in Gunnison. Even though I loved my time in the mountains, Iím thrilled to be a part of the UNC community where there is such a positive energy and optimism.



Natascha Ambrose

Associate Director
Email: Natascha.Ambrose@unco.edu

Natascha AmbroseI have been working in Higher Education for over 17 years and love working at UNC! Within those years, I have had the pleasure of working at Front Range Community College, Regis University and Eastern Michigan University. Each institution gave me a unique perspective on how financing an education can foster the ultimate goal of graduation. I received my Bachelor of Arts degree in Psychology from Eastern Michigan University and my Master of Business Administration from Regis University. I strongly value the education that I received and enjoy helping others to achieve this dream as well. Working with students and families has always been my passion and I am honored to be a part of the UNC family. I look forward to assisting you on your academic and financial journey.

Welcome to UNC!


James Broscheit

Associate Director
Email: James.Broscheit@unco.edu

I have been working in Financial Aid in some form or another since 1986. Even after this length of time, I still enjoy the constant change of the process and helping students, parents and school administrators navigate the flow. I am a UNC alum and proud to return to the place where I haveJames spent many years. Surprisingly, higher education has proved to be a wonderful accident. There was never any plan to end up on a campus but you never know where the roots of a degree can take you. One commonality in the various places I have worked is in knowing that for every student, there is a campus where it can work. All campuses have their own identify and it is a luxury to be able to have choices and find the best fit. We work in financial aid to try and make that a reality.  

Jill Conner

Email: Jill.Conner@unco.edu

Jill ConnerI am so excited that I became a part of the UNC team in September 2009! I love everything about UNCóthe beautiful campus, the educational opportunities, & all of the people who make it thrive! It is a great pleasure to work with students & determine the best way to help them pay for their education.

I was born & raised in Iowa, & that is where I began my financial aid career. I started as a work study student while working on my Bachelor of Arts in English/Secondary Education at William Penn College. I taught high school English & Speech for several years in Iowa before moving to Colorado in July 2002. I returned to the financial aid world in August 2003 & have never looked back. Please feel free to contact me anytime if you have questions or concerns regarding your financial aid.


Justin Davis

Senior Counselor
Email: Justin.Davis@unco.edu

Justin DavisHaving lived in WA, MI, PA, & MN, Iím thrilled to have found a home for myself in Colorado. I graduated from Michigan State University in 2004 with a BS in Psychology. Working at UNC, I have come to greatly appreciate what a smaller university has to offer students both academically & socially. Working with the ever-expanding study abroad program, itís great seeing students expand their horizons & experience the world from a new perspective. Aside from being one of the greatest experiences in my life, college opened up many doors for me & I strive to make it available to everyone.



Fabian Garcia

Email: Fabian.Garcia@unco.edu

Fabian Garcia I was blessed enough with the opportunity to attend UNC starting in the spring of 2009 as an undergraduate student.  I quickly fell in love with UNC and the surrounding community.  As a recent UNC graduate, I have decided to make this community my home.  I have a passion for higher education and serving others.  I especially enjoy working with underrepresented populations.  Being a first-generation student, I understand how complicated and confusing financial aid can be.  My goal is to make the financial aid process as easy and stress free as possible.  I would be glad to answer any questions you may have in Spanish for you and your family.  I am really proud and fortunate to call UNC my home!

Go Bears!

Jamie Krushensky

Email: Jamie.Krushensky@unco.edu

Fabian Garcia

Fresh out of college at Montana State University (MSU) I found my calling in Higher Education and have been in Financial Aid since.  My experience spans from MSU, to University of Alaska-Anchorage, and now here to UNC.  Financial Aid is an increasingly necessary piece of the higher education experience which resonates with both students and parents from all walks of life. I am very fortunate to be here at UNC and eager to help students through the often confusing financial portion of their education. I enjoy working directly with students and relish the opportunity to assist with your financial aid process to make your UNC experience the best it can be.

Go Bears!

Jennifer Major

Email: Jennifer.Major@unco.edu

I have worked in higher education within the financial aid department for over 7 years and I have an immense appreciation for the ever-evolving financial aid life-cycle.  I grew up in Fort Collins Donna Munchand graduated from Metropolitan State College of Denver with a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Management.  I am married to my high school sweetheart and we have a beautiful 3 year old daughter.  Graduating from college was one of the most satisfying achievements in my life and I enjoy being able to help navigate students in the right direction to fulfill their ultimate goal of graduation.  I am honored to be a part of UNC family that cultivates strong values and has a passion for student success.  I’ve worked with all types of students in all types of financial situations and am looking forward to assisting you.




Jordan Miller

Email: Jordan.Miller@unco.edu

Helping people has always been a passion of mine since I was little. It became more focus as I got older as soon as stepped on campus as a college freshmen at Colorado State University. My passion for college students started when I worked in the financial aid department as a student. From then on, I wanted to pursue a career in higher education and make a difference in the lives of people I meet. I worked with students and their families from 2008 to 2012. Then continue my pursue of working with students though a private organization, as I was completing my master’s degree here at the University of Northern Colorado. Now, I have been given the greatest Donna Munchopportunity to work at a school that I have come to love dearly and support very much. UNC is a school of opportunities and through it, I can continue my passion of working with students and their families and giving them the best opportunity to succeed, not just here at this great campus but in life. 


Donna Munch

Email: Donna.Munch@unco.edu

Donna MunchI began my employment at UNC during 1987. During these past years I have had the opportunity to work within different positions at UNC. Starting my employment at UNC, in what was at one time known as the Teacher Education Center, I enjoyed working with students as they prepared to become teachers. Within three years an opportunity of employment was offered to me in the Office of Financial Aid. Here I am years later! There have been many changes, challenges & opportunities during these years. I believe I have remained in the same department all these years because of these constant changes & challenges which occur daily. I need change, I like change & I do not want to become “stagnant” in a job. I like to be challenged. Because of this personal need to be challenged I have held different positions within this office. I have worked in the file/tracking area, Assistant to the Director, customer service area & now my current position as Loan Processor. With each position I had the opportunity to learn many aspects of the ins & outs of financial aid, work directly with staff, students & outside entities. I believe to be good at your job you must be able to reach out & accept change, learn as much as you can when opportunity presents itself, & most of all treat others with respect.


Adrina Pawlak

Email: Adrina.Pawlak@unco.edu

Adrina PawlakSince I was an undergraduate at Baylor University, I knew I wanted to pursue a career in Higher Education. As a student, I worked in various departments across campus. My most notable position was as a Community Leader (R.A.) in a residence hall which housed over 600 first-year women. After working with students so extensively, I realized that Higher Education was something that I was incredibly passionate about. Once I graduated, I served as an AmeriCorps State Member in Houston, Texas assisting low-income, first-generation, college students in navigating the college application process. After my term of service ended, I began working here at this great university where I am able to continue serving in a field that I’ve grown to love. UNC has a beautiful campus, an amazing community, and faculty and staff who genuinely care about student success. I’m definitely proud to call this place my home.

Welcome to UNC, and Go Bears!


Roxye Rea-Arellano

Roxye Rea-Arellano

Assistant to the Director
Email: Roxye.Arellano@unco.edu

I started at UNC in 2009 in the Office of Financial Aid. I am an inaugural journalism graduate of the Freedom Forum Diversity Institute at Vanderbilt University in Nashville, TN.  I enjoy working directly with helping students and parents navigate through the financial aid process as well as enjoy taking classes on campus.
Go Bears!



Debbie Rhoads

Loans and Processing
Email: Deborah.Rhoads@unco.edu

Debbie Rhoads

I have worked at UNC for 15 years. I started at the health center when it was in Decker Hall. I was the upstairs receptionist. I worked there about a year & a half before I applied in financial aid. I have worked in financial aid ever since. I enjoy my job because it is fun to be able to inform a student of aid they have been offered.

I am married with three grown children. I am now a grandmother too. I am still in shock.



Sergio Rosales

Email: Sergio.Rosales@unco.edu

Sergio RosalesI am originally from El Paso, TX but I have lived in Greeley, CO since the age of 8. I had the great opportunity to attend and graduate from the University of Northern Colorado. I have worked at the office of financial aid as a student from 2010 to 2012, and now as a professional from August 2014 to the present. I am pleased to work with students and parents who want to finance their academic goals.  Everything is possible if you set your mind to it, as a first generation student I know that stands true till this day. Feel free to use me as a resource when possible and welcome to the University of Northern Colorado.



Mandee Wagner

Email: Mandee.Wagner@unco.eduMandee Wagner

I am a local lady, born and raised in Eaton, Colorado. I graduated from Colorado State University where I made Fort Collins my home for 13 years.  I have recently found my way back to Weld County and I am very excited to be working at UNC.  For me college was a life changing experience and I look forward to helping other students in this exciting adventure; while assisting them through the financial aid process and helping them understand what it entails.