Receiving Aid

Topics you’ll find here include the qualifications needed to receive financial aid, how your level of need is determined using annual cost of attendance figures and the Expected Family Contribution, which is calculated by the FAFSA processor using information from your FAFSA. This section also includes how you’ll be notified about the financial aid you’re eligible for and what you’ll need to do to continue receiving financial aid after it’s been awarded.

Award Notification

The Office of Financial Aid will post your award offer online in Ursa. This award offer details the amounts and types of financial aid for which you are eligible. All offers are based upon full-time attendance at UNC as an undergraduate or graduate student unless otherwise noted.

We begin posting and mailing award notices in the spring. You have 20 days to review and accept your award or it may be cancelled. Follow the step by step process for detailed instructions.

Awarding Aid

The Office of Financial Aid awards financial aid packages for eligible students that consist of a combination of scholarships, grants, work study and loan assistance. Award amounts from each program vary depending on the need and eligibility of the student. Those who apply by March 1 receive the highest priority according to eligibility and their need.

The financial aid packaging process ensures effective use of the funds available and ensures fair and equitable treatment of all aid applicants.

If you have a documented disability and believe it may impact your ability to take full-time coursework, you should notify the Office of Financial Aid prior to awarding. The Office of Financial Aid will work with you and Disability Support Services to determine if your disability documentation warrants a financial aid award that reflects less than full-time attendance. Contact Disability Support Services at 970-351-2289 or by e-mail for questions regarding eligibility for disability services.

Quality Assurance Program

The Office of Financial Aid participates in the Quality Assurance Program in cooperation with the United States Department of Education. The primary goal of the program is to improve equity and fairness in awarding public and private dollars to needy students and to assess the quality and accuracy of the financial aid process. This evaluation will take place through the study of a sample of federal financial aid recipients and verification of information reported on those applications. The Quality Assurance Program enables us to determine the types of errors made by students and families as they complete their applications and develop procedures to promote correct filing. The program also enables us to determine problematic areas in the processing of your financial aid so we can provide better service. Students selected for this process are usually asked to turn in supporting documents such as tax returns for verification.