Student-Hourly Employment

Any UNC student enrolled can seek student-hourly employment on campus, regardless of financial aid eligibility.

  • To avoid paying into retirement and Medicare, undergraduate students are required to carry a minimum of six credit hours per semester and graduate students must take five credit hours per term. Students enrolled less than half-time will need to contact UNC’s Payroll Office to inquire about enrollment requirements in relation to paying into retirement and Medicare.
  • All student-employees must obtain authorization from their employer before starting a job.
  • Students attending classes on a part-time basis spring semester, who are also pre-registered part-time for fall, can be considered for student employment for summer. New students, those who did not attend spring semester, must be pre-registered for fall to be considered for student employment for summer.
  • Once a student graduates, employment for the next term is an option if the student has been admitted to Graduate School, or another degree-granting program.