Students Studying Abroad

If you have been accepted into a study abroad program you may use any federal, state or institutional aid you would normally be awarded except for work-study and some scholarships. Use of private scholarships for study abroad must be approved by the donor.

Depending on a student’s particular financial status, his/her award may not cover all study abroad costs. There are federal loan limits based on a student’s academic level that prevent UNC from funding an unlimited amount in Stafford loans to students.

Study abroad students should have personal funds available to cover the cost of travel and to sustain them for a few weeks, as financial aid funds will not be available until actual full-time academic enrollment verification is completed. Students will also need extra funds for vacation travel as federal law prevents the use of funds for such costs.

Contact the study abroad financial aid counselor to complete the required paperwork and to ensure that you have the funds necessary to study abroad.