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This 2011-12 UNC poster, part of UNC’s ongoing identity campaign, is available to download (or order a printed copy).

UNC’s Bringing Education to Life branding campaign, which emphasizes that a UNC experience is based on its community, ways of learning and making a difference in each individual’s life and the lives of others, continues to be refined and expanded. A new BETL website debuted in September with inspirational stories about UNC faculty, students and alumni, and UNC’s latest branding campaign materials, including the new university brochure, billboards, TV spots and poster, as well as campus photos, music and other fun features at

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The Student and Foundation Fund (SAFF) class at UNC’s Monfort College of Business took first place last semester at the Global Asset Management Education Forum at Quinnipiac University. The SAFF class won based on fund performance, presenting before a panel of judges in the Undergraduate Core Student Funds category, competing against students from 24 countries.

“The students manage a portfolio of more than $1 million (actual dollars) donated to the University of Northern Colorado Foundation,” said John Clinebell, professor of finance and SAFF faculty advisor at the Monfort College of Business. “The program also enables the students to interact with business professionals while studying portfolio management and security analysis.”

Ruzan Mistry, a member of the SAFF team, designed this quiz to test your financial wits.
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True or False

1. If you believe that technology stock is going to do very well, you should put all your money in it.
2. A bond is partial ownership in a company.
3. When the market is down, pull back on investments.
4. It is possible to make money when a stock loses value.

QuidditchZoom Broom
UNC hosted the first-ever Colorado quidditch tournament this fall with teams from Utah and Denver traveling to Greeley. “Muggle quidditch” is quite similar to author J.K. Rowling’s version of the game in the popular Harry Potter books. The biggest difference, of course, is the lack of air space between a player’s broom and the ground. There are seven players on each team, split between four different positions: three chasers, two beaters, one keeper and one seeker. 1) The chaser scores points for the team by kicking, passing, or running with 2) the quaffle — a volleyball— which must be made into one of three 3) hoops at the end of the field. 4) The keeper is responsible for blocking any shots on the hoops. 5) Beaters throw dodge balls, called 6) bludgers, at the chasers on the opposing team to make goal scoring more difficult. While chasers are adding points to the scoreboard, one 7) seeker from each team is trying to find 8) the golden snitch, a person dressed in all yellow with a tennis ball tucked into a sock in the back of his/her waistband. The game is over when one of the seekers finds the snitch and grabs the sock. The team with the highest number of points wins. And every player on the field runs with a broom between their legs. 9) The Scarlet Falcon – A $60 oak-handled broom inspired by Harry Potter for experienced fliers. 10) Standard-issue broom.

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“That’s one thing I remember about the 1996 team — even as an 8-year-old — the number of different players who popped up throughout the season and made big contributions. Sure, the team had its stars (Holmes, Beck, Aaron Smith), but it was the unheralded guys like Roberson and Chicarelli who made Northern Colorado so fun to watch that season.”

— Jordan Freemyer (BA-11), recalling UNC’s first national championship in football to commemorate the 15th anniversary of the feat (the 1996 team was also honored during a reception Oct. 7.)

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