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NHS College Student Council


The College of Natural and Health Sciences Student Council (NHS-SC) currently consists of fifteen members.  Membership is open to one representative from each of the seven Schools in NHS (Biological Sciences, Chemistry & Biochemistry, Earth Sciences & Physics, Human Sciences, Mathematical Sciences, Nursing, and Sport and Exercise Science), one representative from each chartered NHS student club, and the Dean’s Office representative (Advisor).

2008-09 Members

Jill Legault - President
Jessica Pettit
Dennis Gucker - Vice President
Kari Reen
Jeremy Bartz - Treasurer
Abby Roukema
Cayenne Sheaman - Secretary
Chellsie Seyler
Laura Artz
Tyler Takeshita
Peter Glaser
Danelle Vallejos
Grant Gutierrez
Ashley Wathier
Sandra Mader
Dr. Ann Bentz, Advisor



NHS Student Council

NHS-SC Members (l-r): Sandra Mader, Jill Legault, Jeremy Bartz, Laura Artz, Kari Reen, Abby Roukema, Chellsie Seyler, Ashley Wathier, Cayenne Sheaman, Danelle Vallejos, Tyler Takeshita, Grant Gutierrez

Not pictured: Peter Glaser, Dennis Gucker, Jessica Pettit

The purpose of NHS-SC:

  • Communication - To provide a communication liaison between the student body, NHS faculty, and NHS administration. NHS-SC will strive to first and foremost develop student voice within NHS and to foster greater communication amongst the students of NHS as well as the university community.
  • Representation - To appear on behalf of and speak for the students of the College of Natural and Health Sciences on all appropriate matters concerning said students.
  • NHS Events - To aid in the organization of NHS events and activities and facilitate joint club participation. This may include, but not be limited to, guest speakers, College-level picnics or awards.
  • Placement Activities - To promote NHS student placement activities. This may include, but not be limited to, seminars, lecturers, and utilization of placement bulletin boards.
  • Student Organization Events - To encourage and support approved NHS student activities. Special emphasis should be given to supporting activities of NHS’s student clubs and activities designed to facilitate placement of NHS graduates.
  • Student Organization Recognition - To foster the recognition of NHS student clubs.


  • A minimum of three (3) NHS-SC meetings will be held per academic semester (Fall, Spring). NHS-SC will not meet during the summer term or during closed school university periods.
  • Meeting

    NHS-SC Members meet with Dean Battles and Dr. Bentz during their inaugural meeting.

Constitution and Bylaws: Click here to view the NHS-SC Constitution and Bylaws.

Contact: For more information contact Dr. Ann Bentz at (970) 351-1519 or ann.bentz@unco.edu.

Click here to view past council members.