Jeremy Garcia transferred to UNC from a community college.  At his previous institution he admits to not engaging with faculty or students—and even sat next to a person for an entire semester without knowing that this person was his neighbor.  The School of Mathematics at UNC provided an environment that allowed Jeremy to become part of a community. “I got thrown right into the middle of a great department that would not let me sink or fade away. My professors made it a point to learn my name the first day and give me that individual attention I had not experienced before.” He knows that his advisor, the faculty, and the staff are there to help and this has provided him with a sense of belonging. 

Jeremy has embraced a leadership role as the vice-president of the Math Club, is a working member of SACNAS a group with the goal of “advancing Hispanics/Chicanos and Native Americans in Science”, and he spent last summer participating in a “Research Experience for Undergraduates” program at Kansas State University. 

Jeremy is a native of Greeley and he knows that by investing in his future, he has become a role model for his family, friends and the community. “Once I leave UNC with my bachelor’s degree, I will have spent four years of my life invested in my future.”