Science STEP 262

Assignment Due

5:00 - 6:00: ROSS 1010 Stephanie Fanselow - CoTeaching


Week 1

6:00 - 6:30: ROSS 2279 Housekeeping,    6:30: Meet fellow STEP students.

Professional Conduct Form (Due 8/28/15)

Week 2

ROSS 1010 Science Teacher N2 Ice Cream Social   - meet your fellow teaching majors. (Pizza will also be served)

Reflection #1 - Goals

Week 3

Lesson Planning / Testing Effect

Professional Dispositions Form

Read about the Testing Effect

Week 4

Formative Assessment, Clickers

Lost Boy Lesson Plan due

Week 5

Student authored clicker questions

Create three of your own clicker questions that will elicit good discussion

Week 6, 9/29

Classroom Management Panel

Pre-classroom management reflection

Week 7, 10/6

Theater Training

Post-classroom management reflection

Week 8, 10/13

Data Driven Assessment Rob Reinsvold

Reflection on Classroom Presence

Post on Blackboard: Midterm Observation hours log, Midterm self-evaluation,

Midterm host teacher evaluation

Week 9, 10/20

Follow up: Interview with a science teacher, Using Data



Interview a Science Teacher

Week 10, 10/27

McKee 228 & 229: Culturally and Linguistically Diverse Students - A snapshot into the local school district Room: TBA

ELL Assignment

Week 11, 11/3

Pre/post assessments and how to use them to improve instruction

Pre/post assessment data

Week 12, 11/10

Effective Use of Technology Clickers, simulations in Lecture, lab and HW

NSTA safety warning

Pre/post assessment reflection

Read Sim paper, Scan Peer Instruction

Week 13, 11/17

Lesson Planning

Lesson Plan on cooperating teacher lesson.

Week 14, 11/24

No Meeting

Week 15, 12/1

Watch STEP 3 Presentations

Presentation on STEP 2 Learning Objectives (media of your choice)

Post on Blackboard: Final Observation Hours Log,

Service Hour Log,

Final Self Evaluation,

Final Host Teacher

Finals 12/8, 4:15-6:45