Who We Are

The Retired and Senior Volunteer Program (RSVP) connects adults age 55 and older with the people and organizations that need them most. RSVP matches volunteers’ skills, talents, interests and time availability with appropriate volunteer assignments such as mentoring, coaching, providing companionship to people in need and contributing job skills and expertise to community projects and organizations.

Congress passed the Older American’s Act in 1969 and RSVP was established in 1970 to create volunteer opportunities for the senior population to be a resource to address community needs.

Senior and girl

Weld County RSVP started in 1973.

What We Do

RSVP provides opportunities for Americans age 55 and older to serve neighbors in their communities. RSVP also partners with over 70 volunteer stations, such as senior centers, public schools, city museums and many other community entities in Weld County to offer a wide variety of opportunities for volunteers.


Data are routinely collected on RSVP programs and services and then submitted as part of outcomes and goals to the Corporation for National and Community Service.


RSVP provides volunteers with orientation, training and placement services, teaching and learning new skills, building new friendships, on-duty accident and liability insurance, recognition awards and events, and a bimonthly newsletter.


The Weld County RSVP has received several awards including the Greeley/ Weld County Senior Award, Group Publishing Community Service Award, Public Service Senior Award, JC Penny Golden Rule Award, Public Service Seniors Award, Colorado Cares Service Award and United Way Volunteer of Excellence.


RSVP is housed in Brown Hall on President's Row on UNC’s central campus. Please go to the northwest doors and ring the door bell or knock on the door closet to handicap parking.

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