Internship for M.A. students

All graduate students pursuing a masters degree in Rehabilitation Counseling must complete an off-campus internship experience. Obtain an internship manual from Dr. Juliet H. Fried which delineates the philosophy and objectives of the Rehabilitation internship program, the policies and procedures, and the forms, records and reports to be submitted.

The knowledge obtained in the classroom and practica will be synthesized during the internship experience. In conjunction with the synthesis and evaluation of knowledge, the major purpose of this internship is to aid the student in applying and personalizing this wide variety of information. At the successful completion of the academic program and the internship, the student should be able to function as a professional.

The student, the agency, and the university all benefit from this experience. The agency professional and university faculty must work together if this experience is to be maximized. Every professional should be interested in the recruitment and professional preparation of talented future practitioners. The internship is one area in which all cooperate in making a valuable contribution to the preparation of tomorrow's leaders in Rehabilitation Counseling.

This experience provides the student with an opportunity to apply the theoretical concepts and skills learned in their academic program and supplement that knowledge with practical experience. The supervised internship allows the student to make the transition from the university setting to the actual work setting and therefore adapt more realistically to the professional life he/she is about to enter.