Students complete both a practicum in their junior year (90 clock hours) and in their senior year an internship of 480 clock hours. These are completed at approved agency sites with qualified professionals.

Internships are available

Students have completed internships worldwide and in a variety of settings. A number of students have completed their internships in very prestigious agencies from the Denver Zoo to military bases in Italy to resorts in Florida and outdoor adventure programs across the United States and into Canada.

The internship is viewed as the capstone class in a student’s professional preparation. Thus it is important to carefully select an agency that will meet a student’s professional goals and the professional guidelines expected by national credentialing organizations. The Recreation, Tourism and Hospitality Program maintains an ever expanding file of potential sites for student consideration. In addition to requiring 500 clock hours, other prerequisites include a 2.5 GPA in the major, current CPR and First Aid certification, and completion of all major courses. Liability insurance is also required by some agencies, as is Hepatitis B vaccine cycle and background checks.