Pre-Medicine Prerequisite Courses

Students interested in going to medical school may choose any undergraduate major that is of interest to them.  Although many premed students choose to major in biology or chemistry, this is certainly not required.  We recommend that you choose a major that is interesting to you, and one that you will enjoy.  In order to be prepared for medical school, you will need to take specific courses that are required for all medical schools.  For students who choose a major outside of the sciences, this can often mean that additional time will be required to complete all the requirements for graduation as well as the requirements for medical school.  The amount of additional time depends on the specific major.

Required Courses
Two semesters of introductory biology with lab: BIO 110 and BIO 111
Two semesters of introductory chemistry with lab: CHEM 111 and CHEM 112
Two semesters of organic chemistry with lab: CHEM 331 and CHEM 332
Two semesters of physics with lab: PHYS 220 and PHYS 221
Two semesters of English; one writing course and one literature course
Two semesters of mathematics; at least college algebra and trigonometry, but calculus is strongly recommended

Courses that are strongly recommended
Genetics: BIO 220
Biochemistry (required at a few medical schools): CHEM 481

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