NHS Points of Pride

Throughout the short history of the College of Natural and Health Sciences (NHS), the successes of numerous programs have truly set the college apart from others. These are the things that alumni can look back on and smile. In some cases, these points of pride are what drew the alumni to the college in the first place.  The disciplines within the college span a wide variety of health and scientific pursuits, all characterized by strong and supportive programs where student learning is the top priority.  Practical application of knowledge and immersive clinic/laboratory/field studies are emphasized. Smaller class sizes, an accessible faculty, and undergraduate research and internship opportunities are characteristics of the college, as well as successful placement of graduates in advanced degree programs and in positions in education, industry, government, and research facilities. Student participation in national science and health organizations is strongly encouraged by clubs.  What follows are short representative examples of college-wide excellence that span the breadth of activities found in the college.

School of Biological Sciences

Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry

Department of Earth and Atmospheric Sciences

School of Human Sciences

School of Mathematical Sciences

School of Nursing

Department of Physics and Astronomy

School of Sport and Exercise Science

Mathematics and Science Teaching (MAST) Institute