(ROSS 0220 @ 3:30pm, except as noted)


February 5
Dr. Charles Kuehn, UNC Physics
Exploring the Variable Sky with Kepler

January 29
Brandon Saldivar, UNC Physics
Black Holes & General Relativity

Uriel Aragon, UNC Physics
The Triboelectric Effect and Ways of Producing Clean Energy

January 22
Russell Gleason, UNC Physics
Nanosphere Lithography Applied to Magnetic Thin Films

January 15
Bradley Holmes, UNC Physics
The Optical Tweezers and Its Applications

Alexander Lidiak, UNC Physics
Binding Nanoparticle Quantum Dots with DNA



May 1
Lee Ismay, UNC Physics
Creating a Robot Swarm

Tre Tellez, UNC Physics
Information Preservation in Black Holes

April 24
Veronica Buchanan, UNC Physics
The Effects of Solar Radiation

Kellen Schuebel, UNC Physics
Electromagnetic Suspension

April 17
Michael Nuzum, UNC Physics
Gravitational Lensing and its Applications to Astronomy

Phakawat Manusnon, UNC Physics
Moon Light Scattering

April 10
Derek Weigle, UNC Physics
The Quantum-Relativity Problem

Dan Hefty, UNC Physics
The Higgs Boson

April 3
Caitlyn Ewald, UNC Physics
Formation of Planetary Systems

Matt Svetic, UNC Physics
Superhydrophobics and Applications in Nature

March 27 in Ross 0060
Zachary Armstrong
Learning to learn through high school science research projects

March 23 @ 2:15pm
David Thompson
Science Beyond Academia

March 13 @ 3:30pm
Christopher Courrejou, UNC Physics
What is the physics behind the noise created by the didgeridoo?

Lausatianragit Thanabordin, UNC Physics
The Message from Water

Brad Holmes, UNC Physics
Various Applications of an Optical Trap

March 13 @ 2:30pm
Brian Uzpen, Laramie County Community College
Cloud to Planets: The Disk Formation, Disk Clearing and Planet Formation Processes in Intermediate-Mass Stars

March 12 @ 9:15am
Charles Vaughan, Mississippi State University
Jet morphology and coma analysis of comet 103P/Hartley 2

March 11 @ 2:30pm
Charles Kuehn, University of Sydney
Variable Stars as Cosmic Swiss Army Knives

March 10 @ 9:15am
Evan Frodermann, University of Minnesota
C3PO: Customizable Computer Coaches for Physics Online

March 9 @ 2:30pm
Gregory Sloan, Cornell University
The Death of Stars and the Evolution of Galaxies

March 6 @ 3:30pm
Michael DiPompeo, University of Wyoming
Supermassive Black Holes: Sculpting the Universe

February 27 @ 3:30pm in McKee L0150
Jeff Bennett
Science Education Seminar

February 13 @ 3:30pm
Prof. Jan Chaloupka, UNC Physics
Fundamental Quantum Mysteries



May 2
David Garrett, UNC Physics
The Behavior of Coupled Logistic Maps
Jeremiah Schwartz, UNC Physics
Gravitational Waves and the Origin of the Universe

May 2
Dr. David Brookes
Modeling the physics classroom as a complex-dynamical system: a path towards transformation

May 1
Dr. Mick Davis
Surface Plasmon Enhanced Evanescent Optical Limiting in Photonic Crystal Fibers

April 25
Steven Rutherford, UNC Physics
Particle Acclererators
Ben Carlson, UNC Physics
The Photoelastic Effect on Plastic

April 18
Josh Wadle, UNC Physics
Carbon Nanotubes in Dye-Sensitized Solar Cells
Michael Paton, UNC Physics
Using Electroencephalography (EEG) in New Ways

April 11
JJ Peek, UNC Physics
An Introduction to 3D Printing
Tyler Smith, UNC Physics
Quantum Computers

April 4
Amber S. Bekkali, UNC Physics
The Foucalt Pendulum

March 28
Graham Stringert, UNC Physics
Monitoring the Neutralization of Mustard Agent

March 14
Tim O'Neill, UNC Physics
Robots in Space
Anthony Saccomanno, UNC Physics
A Brief Introduction of Quantum Field Theory

March 7
Aaron Adamson, SEAKR Engineering
Careers in Physics: Aerospace and Radiation Effects

February 28
James Harris, UNC Physics
Implications of the Recent Synthetic Magnetic Monopole Creation
Kyle Nachbar, UNC Physics
Testing General Relativity Using Pulsars

February 21
Zach Hafen, UNC Physics
The Motion of Standing: Modeling Balance with Stochastic Processes
Donovan Anderson, UNC Physics
Quantum Dot Conjugation - Coating DNA Particles

February 14
John Wood, UNC Physics
Street and Infrastructure Maintenance (SIM) in Greeley and Abroad: The Road Ahead
Casey Rogers, UNC Physics
DNA and Dots

February 7
Prof. Lev Maslov, UNC Physics
Self-organization of the Earth's Climate System versus Milankovitch-Berger Astronomical Cycles

January 24
Prof. Ivan I. Smalyukh, CU-Boulder Physics
Self-Assembly of Topological Defects and Colloids



April 26
Audrey Wall, UNC Physics
Transiting Exoplanets: Can You Imagine That?
Vlad Gaciu, UNC Physics
Pascal's Law in Today's Technology

April 19
Herve Tonye Tonye, UNC Physics
Mr. SQUID: An introduction to the principles of superconductivity
Michael Clay, UNC Physics
Nano-Technology: A tiny glimpse into the future

April 12
Prof. Randall Tagg, CU-Denver Physics
The Innovation Hyperlab - A framework for involving both K-12 students and undergraduates in research

April 5
Sean Higgins, UNC Physics
Pyramids Unlocked: Using Cosmic Rays to Detect Hidden Rooms

March 29
Maurice Woods & Jessica Trujillo, RoadNarrows Robotics
The Role of Robotics in Human Advancement

March 15
Travis Day, UNC Physics
Optical Trapping: Theory, Design, and Calibration
Michael Clay, UNC Physics
Electro-acoustic Transducer Characteristics and Models

March 8
Richard Pacheco, UNC Physics
STM: Taking Pictures of Atoms and Applications
Marius Herlea, Jr., UNC Physics
Fundamentals of Superconductivity

March 1
Kay & Larry Britton, Lockheed Martin
Life After Ross Hall

February 22
Dr. Courtney Willis, UNC Physics
Mechanical Analog Computing in Academic Settings During the 20th Century

February 15
Dr. Ruwang Sung, UNC Physics
Next Generation Solar Cell: Solution-Based PbS Quantum Dots

February 1
Dr. Wendy Adams, UNC Physics
Physics Education Research Project Approaches

January 18
Dr. Thomas Johnson, CSU
A Plan for Handling Externally Contaminated Livestock



April 27
Connie Willis & Courtney Willis
Up & Away and Down Under

April 20
Dr. Thomas Perkins -JILA, NIST & CU-Boulder
Precision single molecule force spectroscopy with optical traps and atomic force microscopy

April 13
Eric Gregg - UNC Physics
The Physics of Cycling

April 6
Carlos Gallegos - UNC Physics
Using Seismic Waves to Find Oil
Bronson Pausa- UNC Physics
Physics of the Tattoo Machine

March 23
Rachel Bennet - UNC Physics
Building and Testing Dye-Sensitized Solar Cells
Kyle Kingsley - UNC Physics
Gravity Probe B

March 2
Joe Gasteiger - UNC Physics
Global Positioning System (GPS)
Brendan Bandy - UNC Physics
Battery Technology

February 24
Rahul P. Trivedi - CU Boulder
The fascinating world of liquid crystals

February 17
Connor Saller - UNC Physics
Aurora Borealis

February 10
Dr. Robert McLeod - CU Boulder
Optical lithography beyond the Heisenberg limit

February 3
*** cancelled due to weather ***
Rahul P. Trivedi - CU Boulder
The fascinating world of liquid crystals

January 27
Prof. Ivan Smalyukh - CU Boulder & NREL
(talk delivered by Dr. Bohdan Senyuk)
Optical manipulation of colloids, self-assembled structures, and topological defects by use of laser tweezers

January 20
Rob Shiely - UNC Physics
UNC Robotics: Past, Present, and Future View



April 29
Sommer Rains & Adam Wilson - UNC Physics
Optimized Techniques For Geo-Fencing In Robotics Using Huron’s
Formula and The Cayley-Menger Determinant

April 22
Dr. Dennis Agosta - CSU Physics
A Resonant Ultrasound Spectroscopy Study of Novel Materials

April 15
Norbert Rempe
Waste Isolation Pilot Plant (WIPP), Carlsbad, NM
Non-Conventional Nuclear Geology
note special time & place: Ross 3240 (3:30pm snacks, 4pm seminar)

April 8
Jordan Kohnen - UNC Physics
Rocksat-X 2011: UNC's First Re-Entry Experiment

Edgar Gallegos - UNC Physics
Very Small Radio Telescope (VSRT)

April 1
Casey Kuhns - UNC Physics
Swarm Behavior and its Uses in Research

John Arko - UNC Physics
Scanning Electron Microscope Analysis of Gunshot Residue on Fabrics

March 25
Prof. Courtney Willis - UNC Physics
Slipsticks, Sliderules, and Calculating before Calculators

Sean McMillon - UNC Physics
Mind Controlled Artificial Arms

March 11
Connor Saller - UNC Physics
How Matter Defeated AntiMatter

March 4
Hunter Nolen - UNC Physics
Spin Doctors: Examining the Physics behind a Baseball in Flight

February 25
Diego Alcala - UNC Physics
Effects of Altitude on the Thiele-Small Parameters

Maurice Woods III - UNC Physics
A Novel Way to Measure the Distance to an Asteroid

February 18
Dr. Joseph M. Katich - University of Colorado, Boulder
Nuclear Physics at Jefferson Laboratory

February 11
Julian Evans - University of Colorado, Boulder
Colloidal gold nanoparticles - optical properties & their self-assembly in liquid crystals

February 4
Dr. Lora Nugent-Glandorf - NIST, Time & Frequency Division
Optical Frequency Combs: a laser-based tool for trace chemical detection

January 28
Dr. Jao van de Lagemaat - National Renewable Energy Laboratory
Plasmonics in Solar Photoconversion

January 21
Nick Disparti - Olympus Corporation
Basic Confocal Imaging Applications



April 30
Maurice Woods III - UNC Physics
Volumes of Hyperballs and Areas of Hyperspheres

Rebekah Olson - UNC Physics
The Schlieren Imaging Technique: Examples and the Fourier Optics Analysis

April 23

David Mihulka - UNC Physics
An introduction to the fundamental particles in the Standard Model

Steven Champion - UNC Physics
Thin Film Speakers

April 16
Prof. Al Bartlett
Physics - CU Boulder
Arithmetic, Population and Energy (video presentation)

April 9
Rachel Bennet - UNC Physics
Supersonic Splashes

Motoaki Honda - UNC Physics
Engineering of the Katana

April 2
Travis Riggle - UNC Physics
Auto Magic Flight

Rob Shiely - UNC Physics
Effect of the front and rear weight distribution ratio of a Formula car during maximum-speed cornering on a circuit

March 26
Prof. Charles G. Durfee
Physics - Colorado School of Mines
Using Interferometry to look at Nonlinear Laser Beam Dynamics

March 12
Chris Walker
UNC Physics
Optical Tweezers

March 5
Prof. Jack Barbera
UNC Chemistry
Bose-Einstein Condensates: Beginnings & Beyond

February 26
Dr. Matt Semak
UNC Physics
Random Thoughts

February 19
Prof. Jorge Rocca
CSU Physics and Elec. & Comp. Engineering
Compact high repetition rate soft x-ray lasers:
a doorway to high intensity coherent soft x-ray science on a table-top

February 12
Prof. Courtney Willis
UNC Physics
Dr. Willis’ Just Sew Stories:
The Mechanics and History of the Sewing Machine

February 5
Prof. Jan Chaloupka
UNC Physics
Is the moon there when nobody looks? ~ reality and quantum theory

January 29
Dr. Mark Siemens
CU - Boulder
Nanoscale thermal and acoustic dynamics probed with soft x-ray light