Wendy Adams
Associate Professor
Ross 0232C -- (970) 351 2419


Wendy K. Adams, Associate Professor
Director, Science Education Programs

B.A. in Physics, University of Northern Colorado (1994)
M.S. in Physics (AMO), University of Colorado, Boulder (1996)
Ph.D. in Physics (Education Research), University of Colorado, Boulder (2007)

Research interests include: Problem solving evaluation, low stakes assessment and evaluation, student perceptions of science, acoustics educational materials, interactive computer simulations and integration of education research results into courses and curricula.

Dr. Adams taught at UNC for seven years (1996 - 2003) and returned in 2010. From 2010 to 2013 she also served as the Education Coordinator of the Acoustical Society of America. Beginning in May 2014, she assumed the role of Director, Science Education Programs.

Her experience includes co-Director of the PhET Interactive Simulations Project, Director of Research for the University of Colorado Science Education Initiative and consulting with the Carl Wieman - Science Education Initiative at the University of British Columbia.

Science 465

Science 265

Physics 220

Physics 221

SCED 441

SCED 678