UNC Physics is presenting work on Color Schlieren Imaging with Monochromatic Sources at the 2014 OSA Frontiers in Optics conference in Tucson, AZ.
Physics & Math major Donovan Anderson named 2014 UNC homecoming king!
UNC Physics presents three posters on Physics Education Research at the summer meeting of the American Association of Physics Teachers in Minneapolis, MN. Click here to see the posters!
Congratulations to the 2014 UNC Physics graduates!
UNC Physics major Zach Hafen presented his work on modeling balance with stochastic processes at the Colorado Space Grant Symposium at CU-Boulder.
UNC physics participated in the Colorado Space Grant Consortium Robotics Challenge at the Great Sand Dunes.
Congratulations to the 2014 Physics Academic Scholar Award winners: Zach Hafen, Marius Herlea Jr, Lee Ismay, Casey Rogers and Danny Thistle!!
UNC Physics published their work on Color schlieren imaging with a two-path, double knife edge system in the journal Optics Express.
UNC Physics presented "Clarifying the Force Concept Inventory via Think-Aloud Interviews" at the AAPT Winter Meeting.
UNC Physics major Amber Chouaf attended the American Physical Society 2014 Rocky Mountain Conference for Undergraduate Women in Physics.
Congratulations to Donovan Anderson, who was awarded an NHS Student Research Fund award to investigate DNA-Quantum Dot Conjugation.
UNC Physics & SDSU presented their work on "Vortex Interference Effects from a Segmented Spatial Light Modulator and a Supercontinuum Source" at the Frontier in Optics / Laser Science conference.
UNC Physics presented "Listening to Students: How We Investigate the FCI" at the AAPT Summer Meeting.
Congratulations to the 2013 UNC Physics Grads!
Congratulations to the 2013 UNC Physics Academic Scholars!
UNC Physics presented "Clarifying the Force Concept Inventory" at the AAPT Winter Meeting.
UNC Physics recently presented work on optical vortices and schlieren imaging at the 2012 Frontiers in Optics meeting.
The UNC Physics, San Diego State, and Brazilian collaboration published their results on measuring optical vortex topological charge in the latest issue of JOSA B.
UNC Physics faculty presented their latest work on the Force Concept Inventory at the Summer Meeting of the AAPT.
UNC Physics and San Diego State University team up to generate a Devil's vortex fresnel lens, as seen in the latest issue of Applied Optics.

Physics Alumn Adam Wilson's latest creation!






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