RN to BSN Degree Program

Frequently Asked Questions


What is needed to start the program?

Are clinical courses required?

Yes, there are two clinical courses that are arranged where students are living. Students are able to choose preceptorship locations (based on availability).

Is it necessary to come to the UNC Campus?

Yes, students are required to attend one day of orientation at the beginning of the program. Information about the orientation is sent when accepted into the program.

What is the cost?

  • Tuition rates are set each academic year. Visit the UNC Extended Campus website for current tuition information.
  • Access to a computer with high speed Internet access and virus protection is required. A personal computer is recommended.
  • Texts for each class are required. The cost will vary with the course.
  • Additional costs may be associated with this program.

The UNC RN-BSN Online Program is run through UNC Extended Campus and is not eligible for Colorado Opportunity Fund. The COF site states that cash funded programs and those run through continuing education/extended studies are not eligible for COF.

What requirements are needed for graduation?

  • Completion of nursing prerequisites
  • Completion of nursing online courses
  • Completion of Liberal Arts Core requirements (LACs) for UNC either by taking courses or transfer. This may include completion of an AS degree at the community college or completion of the BS degree in another field.