RN to BSN Degree Program

Application Forms & Transcripts


Spring 2015 Applications are now AVAILABLE! See below!

(NOTE: Applications are due September 15, 2014 for the Spring 2015 Cohort)

**Students from the following states ARE NOT eligible for admission to this online program:
Arkansas, Kentucky, Minnesota, Massachusetts, North Carolina, Maryland, Ohio and Tennessee.

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  1. APPLY and be accepted to UNC.

  2. APPLY to the RN to BSN program in the School of Nursing (SON).

    RN-BSN Application Instructions

    RN-BSN Application:

    Print out forms and mail to:

    UNC School of Nursing
    Attn: Katrina Einhellig
    Gunter Hall Campus, Box 125
    Greeley, CO 80639

Transcript Information

  • Include one official transcript from all institutions of higher learning and/or nursing schools that you have attended. If you have ever attended UNC in the past, you must request an official transcript from UNC also.
  • Your transcripts will be reviewed by the University Admissions Department only after you have applied to the University and paid the application fee. Upon completion of a transcript review, a transcript evaluation will be mailed to you.
  • Based on the evaluation, your adviser, Katrina Einhellig, will assist you in determining the classes you will need for entry and completion of the RN-BSN program.
  • Mail OFFICIAL transcripts to:

    UNC Office of Admissions
    Campus Box 10
    Greeley, CO 80639




**IMPORTANT: Recent changes in federal regulations relating to our ability to deliver online education have uncovered onerous application and fee requirements from several states. As a result, at this time, the University of Northern Colorado is unable to accept applications for online courses or programs from students located in the following states: Arkansas, Kentucky, Minnesota, Massachusetts, and Tennessee.