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Transfer Students

As a potential transfer student, we encourage you to visit our campus!  Contact our Visitors Center for more information.

UNC Visitors Center
1862 10th Avenue
Greeley, CO 80639


Nursing Spotlights are short information sessions for any potential student, comprised of about an hour long group meeting/presentation with a School of Nursing faculty member and a tour of the nursing school facility.  An optional campus tour is available following the meeting.

Admission to UNC

If you are seeking a bachelor's degree in nursing at UNC you will need to meet the UNC undergraduate admission requirements for the academic year for which you are applying. See the UNC Catalog for current admission requirements.

The UNC Office of Admissions does accept applications year round and reviews them on a rolling basis, which means you will receive an admission to UNC decision two to three weeks after submitting your application including all supporting documents.

For admission to UNC, complete the following steps:

Admission to the School of Nursing

Entry into the upper division clinical nursing major requires a separate application submitted during a designated time frame in January of a Traditional student's sophomore year. This application is available online in early November.

For more information visit the School of Nursing Admission Overview page.