Admission Overview

Application for entry into the upper division clinical nursing major is a separate application from the UNC application.  Specifics of the application process to our undergraduate BSN traditional and second-degree programs will be available on the School of Nursing website ( by November 1st, 2017. We have continued to update our process and will be adding new criteria to the application for admission in 2018 and wanted to let you know of the changes.

General Screening Criteria

General screening criteria of a minimum GPA of a 3.0 on a 4.0 scale on the last 45 college credits taken and the earning of at least a ā€˜Cā€™ grade (C- is not acceptable) on all nursing pre-requisite courses will remain the same. Additionally, similar to previous application cycles, you must complete the training to be a Certified Nursing Assistant by the time of application (mid-late January).

We will be adding that you must have completed a minimum 6 of the 10 pre-requisite courses at the time of application. You may still be in progress with no more than 4 pre-requisite courses at the time of application in January 2018.

Application Selection Criteria

Your application will be scored based on the following admission criteria for the January 2018 application cycle. (This will likely change again for the application cycle in 2019).

  1. GPAAn admission School of Nursing GPA will be calculated similar to previous application cycles and will include your grades on your last 45 college credits and pre-requisite courses. We will use the highest grade of the first 2 attempts for courses that have been repeated in the GPA calculation. If a course has been repeated more than 2 times, the subsequent attempts will not be used in the admission GPA calculation. The SON admission GPA will be 60% of the total admission score.
  2. Letters of Recommendation - You will need to have 2 standardized letters of recommendation sent to the SON; 1 from an academic reference and 1 from an employer or other person who has had direct oversight of your work. The letters of recommendation scores will be averaged together and account for 10% of the overall admission score.
  3. Personal Essay - You will be asked to write an essay on a question posed by the Undergraduate Leadership team. The essay will be read by at least 2 faculty members and scored. The score on the essay will be 10% of the overall admission score.
  4. Standardized Admission Test - You will be asked to take a nursing admission standardized test. The test to be used for the January 2018 application cycle will be the HESI Admission Assessment offered through Elsevier. You will be asked to take the subcategories of 1 - Reading comprehension, 2 - Vocabulary, 3 - Math, and 4 - Anatomy and Physiology.  You may take the test only once and you may not take the exam until later in fall 2017. More details on the exam (where to take it, cost, how to study for it, etc.) will be available on the School of Nursing website in early fall semester.  The HESI exam will account for 20% of your overall admission score.

Criteria for admission are subject to change. If applicant is not accepted into the nursing program, the student may reapply the following year. There is no waitlist.

Application Meetings

 application meeting flier 2017