POST MASTERS in Nursing to DNP Pathway

Accepting applications for the Fall 2015 start, admission is competitive

**Students from the following states ARE NOT eligible for admission to this online program:
Arkansas, Kentucky, Minnesota, North Carolina, Maryland, Ohio and Tennessee.

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Application Process

(NOTE: Applicants will be notified by the UNC Graduate School when all materials have been received. To avoid delay in notification, contact the School of Nursing immediately with any changes in name, address, email or telephone numbers.)

STEP 1 - Graduate School Requirements (send the following to the Graduate School):

  1. Complete a UNC Graduate School Application form and pay the current application fee. (You must create a UNC user account to access the online application.)

    • Completion of a Bachelors of Science in Nursing from an accredited nursing program (NLN/ACEN or CCNE) and a master’s degree from an accredited program in nursing or related field.
    • GPA 3.0 minimum (4.0 scale)
  2. One official transcript from every accredited college or university attended since high school (send to Graduate School). (If previous coursework was from UNC, no copies are required)

    • NOTE : If you have previously been admitted to the UNC FNP Certificate Program, you have already applied to the Graduate School; please send an email to indicating that “I have been admitted to the FNP Certificate Program and am now applying for the DNP in Nursing- please forward my file accordingly”.
  3. TOEFL Scores (for international applicants)

Mail transcripts to:
UNC Graduate School
501 20th Street
Campus Box 135
Greeley, CO 80639

STEP 2 - School of Nursing Graduate Program Requirements

The admissions committee will review the submitted materials and focus on previous academic performance, professional activities, clinical experiences, and professional goals. (send these directly to School of Nursing attn: DNP Program, Application by electronic submission, post or FAX):

  1. Application to the School of Nursing Post Masters DNP Program
  2. Preparation as Advanced Practice Nurse (APN) with documentation of national certification as an APN.
  3. Minimum of 500 clinical practicum hours in the APN master’s program.
  4. Eligibility for Colorado licensure as a registered nurse and APN.
  5. Three letters of recommendation from former faculty, supervisor, and/or professional colleagues that address your ability to complete a clinical doctorate.
  6. Submission of a brief sample of professional writing (maximum of 10 pages). Examples:
    • Describe a scholarly evidence based case study that best exemplifies your practice.
    • Describe a current practice related concept including its scope and significance, the patient population and the clinical setting of interest. Discuss alternative approaches described in the literature and identify an approach that you might take in addressing the concept.
  7. A resume or curriculum vitae.
  8. Career goal statement articulating ‘why now’ for your practice doctorate.
  9. Description of practice experiences and settings.
  10. Graduate level inferential statistical methods course (SRM 602) or equivalent. NOTE: Provisional admission possible without this admission pre-requisite.

Mailing address for hardcopy submission:

DNP Coordinator
School of Nursing
University of Northern Colorado
Gunter Hall 2662
Campus Box 125
Greeley, CO 80639

**IMPORTANT: Recent changes in federal regulations relating to our ability to deliver online education have uncovered onerous application and fee requirements from several states. As a result, at this time, the University of Northern Colorado is unable to accept applications for online courses or programs from students located in the following states: Arkansas, Kentucky, Minnesota, North Carolina, Maryland, Ohio and Tennessee.

For coursework specific questions, contact the advisor:

Rhonda Squires
(970 351-2662

For application specific questions, contact:

(970) 351-2293