Graduate Certificate in Nursing Education

**Students from the following states ARE NOT eligible for admission
to this online program: Arkansas, Kentucky, Minnesota,
North Carolina, Maryland, Ohio and Tennessee.

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The Graduate Certificate in Nursing Education is designed to provide bachelor's, master's and doctorate-prepared nurses advanced knowledge in nursing education for academic or practice settings. The courses are all online and  12 credit hours of graduate level course work in nursing education are completed to earn the certificate.

Course Offerings (complete 4 of the online courses listed below)
The information below represents simplified categories and requirements for this certificate that will be in effect for all students who enter the program Fall 2015 or after. The current UNC catalog may continue to show the previous requirements until late this Summer.

Focus Course
Clinical Teaching NURS 521 - Clinical Instruction and Precepting in Nursing
Teaching Strategies NURS 631 - Teaching Strategies for Practice and Academic Settings
NURS 741 - Evidence-based Teaching
Curriculum and Evaluation NURS 661 - Planning & Evaluating Education in Practice and Academic Settings
NURS 760 - Advanced Nursing Curriculum Design
Faculty Roles NURS 695 - Advanced Academic Roles
NURS 780 - Professorial Role in Education
Learning Theory PSY 681 - Cognition and Instruction I


Application to NE Certificate Program (rolling admission)

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Blackboard is the online platform utilized for interactive course delivery. Online courses are not independent study; weekly interaction with faculty and peers is required. The courses follow a traditional 15 week semester format or an 8-week format. A Blackboard tutorial is found at under “need help?”

Further information about UNC online coursework may be found on the UNC Extended Campus website.

**IMPORTANT: Recent changes in federal regulations relating to our ability to deliver online education have uncovered onerous application and fee requirements from several states. As a result, at this time, the University of Northern Colorado is unable to accept applications for online courses or programs from students located in the following states: Arkansas, Kentucky, Minnesota, North Carolina, Maryland, Ohio and Tennessee.


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