B.S. Nursing - Traditional Degree Program

Pre-Nursing Studies Requirements


Students take university liberal arts core courses and prerequisite nursing courses during the first two years of the program. They will declare Pre-Nursing as their course of study.

Liberal Arts Core
(required for admission to the clinical portion of the nursing program)

The University requires that all undergraduates complete coursework in eight areas of Liberal Arts study. The eight general areas include communication, mathematics, arts and humanities, history, social and behavioral sciences, physical and life sciences, international and multicultural studies. A minimum of 40 credit hours of Liberal Arts coursework are required for graduation.


Prerequisite Nursing Courses
(required for admission to the clinical portion of the nursing program)

To meet the requirements of the degree in nursing, students are required to complete certain prerequisite courses. Students must have completed all prerequisite courses or be enrolled in courses that will be completed prior to mid-May of the year of clinical admission. Most prerequisite courses can be completed either at UNC or via other Colorado 4-year or 2-year institutions. There are also a few online courses that are accepted as substitutions to our prerequisites.


Certified Nursing Assistant
(required for admission to the clinical portion of the nursing program)

Prior to applying for admission to the clinical portion of the nursing program applicants must complete the course work to become a Certified Nursing Assistant or CNA. Many agencies and community colleges offer these courses. (See list here) Course work must be completed at the time of application and the certification exam must be passed prior to April of the year of admission to the program.


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Program Coordinator:

Audrey Bopp, MSN, RN, CNS, CNE
Interim Assistant Director Undergraduate Programs
Office: Gunter Hall, Rm 3190
Phone: 970-351-2201
Fax: 970-351-1707
Email: audrey.bopp@unco.edu

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Pre-Nursing Program Advisor:

Liz Osborn, MA
Undergraduate Advisor
Office: Gunter Hall, Rm 3080
Phone: 970-351-2293
Fax: 970-351-1707
Email: elizabeth.osborn@unco.edu