Advising for Current UNC Pre-Nursing Students


If you are a current pre-nursing student attending UNC, you may call 970-351-2293 or stop by the School of Nursing office in Gunter Hall 3080 to schedule an appointment to meet with your pre-nursing advisor. If you are an incoming freshman, you are required to attend a New Student Orientation in the summer prior to your fall start.

Advising for Course Registration

Group Advising sessions are mandatory for pre-nursing students planning to enroll in UNC courses.  The advising session lasts one hour.  You will need to attend the session in its entirety so plan your schedule accordingly. 

To prepare for and schedule your group advising:

  • If you do not arrive to the appointment on time and with the required paperwork (transcripts, completed Pre-Nursing Course Plan & Advising Worksheet, and completed LAC checklist), you will be required to reschedule the appointment.
  • You will find the dates and times for the Group Advising Appointments at the end of the Advising Presentation.  

To schedule your group advising appointment call 970-351-2293 or stop by the School of Nursing office in Gunter Hall 3080. The office is open Monday-Friday from 8:00a – 5:00p.  You will need to have your Bear Number and Bear Mail Address available and the date and time that you are signing up for when you call to make your appointment.  

It is your responsibility (the student) to come prepared for the advising appointment.