Primary Care Prevention of Pediatric Obesity

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Karen Hessler, PhD, FNP-C

University of Northern Colorado

School of Nursing


Welcome to the free continuing education program for Nurse Practitioners

This program uses an electronic module online to provide 1 hour of CE regarding prevention of pediatric obesity in the primary care setting. It is important that the busy nurse practitioner be able to keep abreast of the current evidence base and have an opportunity to implement prevention strategies into their every day practice routines. The goal of the progam is to provide nurse practitioners (NP) and NP students with some common sense strategies based on evidence that can be implemented during well child care and other acute problems in current practice settings.


Although this is a free CE program, it is also part of a research study investigating how educational interventions with practitioenrs have the potential to increase individual knowledge base and self-efficacy to prevent pediatric obesity. It would be most appreciated if you would take the time to complete the pre-test and post-test as you work on this CE program. Six months after you complete the post-test, you will receive an email with the same survey to measure retention of CE content and provide a 3rd measurement of self-efficacy.


Thank you for your participation - we hope to see you back on the UNCO website for more free CE programs coming soon!


The entire program including pretest and postest is estimated to take you about 60 minutes to complete and provide 1 credit hour of CE approved by the AANP - these credits are universally accepted as NP continuing education credits.

Please use the link below to access and complete the Pretest. After you are done with the pretest, close that window and use the prompts at the bottom of your screen to view the program.

Primary Care Prevention of Pediatric Obesity - Program Objectives:

At the end of the program, the participant will be able to:

  1. Discuss the past and current statistics of pediatric overweight and obesity for all age groups in the United States.
  2. Define the terms obesity and overweight for the pediatric population.
  3. Discuss current recommendations for screening of overweight and obesity in the pediatric population.
  4. Identify 5 educational pediatric obesity prevention strategies for implementation into the current (practicing NP) or future (NP student) practice setting.
  5. Indicate personal confidence level to prevent pediatric obesity before and after the completion of the program.


Please click on the highlighed link to complete the pretest for the program: PRE-TEST