NHS Welcomes Our New Faculty


The College of NHS is welcoming 18 new faculty in the 2013-2014 academic year, all but one are pictured here.

New Faculty

Back row (l-r): Nathan Lindzey (Mathematical Sciences/Computer Science), Seth Frietze (Biological Sciences), Sue Ellen DeChenne (Biological Sciences), Thomas Hill III (Nursing), Michaela Romero (Nursing), Brian Dauenhauer (Sport and Exercise Science), Nate Eldredge (Mathematical Sciences), Derek Headly (Audiology and Speech-Language Sciences), Mehrgan Mostowfi (Mathematical Sciences), and Jeff Olimpo (Biological Sciences)

Front row (l-r): Katie Sammons (Human Rehabilitative Services), David Lerach (Meteorology), Nora Testerman (Community Health), Erin Cummins (Nursing), Jennifer Krause (Sport and Exercise Science), Frieda Parker (Mathematical Sciences), and Darcy Copeland (Nursing)

Not pictured: James Haughian (Biological Sciences)