NHS Welcomes Our New Faculty


The College of NHS is welcoming 14 new faculty in the 2009-10 academic year, a number of which are pictured here.

NHS New Faculty 0910

Top row (l-r):  Jan Chaloupka (Physics), Billy Jackson (Mathematical Sciences), Joyce Weil (Gerontology), David Hydock (Sport and Exercise Science)

Bottom row (l-r): Jack Barbera (Chemistry), Leah Sheridan (Biological Sciences), Ginger Fisher (Biological Sciences), Gylton Da Matta (Sport and Exercise Science), Kathy LaSala (Nursing), Sheila Postiglione (Nursing), Deborah Rojas (Nursing)
Not pictured: Donald Finan (Audiology and Speech-Language Sciences), Karen Gorton (Nursing), and Lingqi Meng (Mathematical Sciences)