Scoring Rubric MED Comprehensive Exam 2002

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Each question response will be scored on five scales: Concept, Thesis, Support, Organization, Language. Maximum possible score for each response is 20 points (4 points on each of the five scales). Minimum passing score for each response is 14 points with no scale subscore lower than 2.

4 responds incisively to the prompt; analysis relevant, sophisticated, and original controlling thesis is specific, arguable, and complex; gives response a sense of inevitability provides substantial, well-chosen evidence (research or textual citations) used strategically; apt definitions apt, seemingly inevitable sequence of paragraphs; appropriate, clear and adequate transitions between sentences and paragraphs apt and precise diction, syntactic variety, clear command of Standard English
3 responds well to the prompt; analysis goes beyond the obvious central thesis determines response's structure provides sufficient and appropriate evidence and makes effort to contextualize it distinct units of thought in paragraphs, coherently arranged; some transitions between sentences and paragraphs some mechanical difficulties; occasional problematic word choices or awkward syntax errors; occasional grammar errors; some wordiness
2 responds adequately to the prompt; may have some factual, interpretive, or conceptual errors or irrelevancies overly general thesis; gives no indication of organization to follow provides some evidence but not always relevant, sufficient, or integrated into the response uneven: paragraphs sometimes effective, but some brief, weakly unified, or undeveloped; some awkward or missing transitions occasional major grammar errors (e.g., agreement, tense); frequent minor grammar errors (e.g., prepositions, articles); occasional imprecise diction; awkward syntax; wordiness
1 confuses some significant concepts, including some of those in the prompt vague or irrelevant thesis evidence usually only narrative or anecdotal, awkwardly or incorrectly incorporated repetitive, wanders frequent major and minor grammar problems; frequent imprecise diction; wordiness; awkward syntax; repetitive sentence patterns; problems impede meaning
0 misunderstands prompt and/or concepts no discernable thesis evidence simply listed or not cited at all arbitrary or no paragraph structure, illogical or no transitions numerous grammatical errors and stylistic problems; over- whelmingly non- Standard; errors in every sentence

Adapted from the University of California Composition Scoring Rubric, U.C. Irvine, 1997.