MATH 432/532 - Basic Analysis II
  Spring 2013
Course Number 24076/24077



Dr. Michael Oehrtman

Office Hours:

by appointment
in ROSS 2239F

Class Times:

MWF 12:20 pm – 1:10 pm

T 12:30 pm – 1:20 pm



ROSS 2060

ROSS 3275


Class Website:

Required Text: Understanding Analysis, by Stephen Abbott
Suggested Resource: Calculus on Manifolds, by Michael Spivak

Course Description: This course continues the development of calculus through rigorous definition and proof. We will cover most of Chapters 6-7 in the text, then turn to a more general theory of differential topology to develop differentiation and integration on manifolds.

Class Participation: Classes will consist of a mixture of lecture and problem-solving. I will assign homework problems aimed at building intuition with the basic structures, facility with computation and formal arguments, and a rigorous development of the machinery of analysis. I expect everyone in the class to contribute constructively to all activities whether that consists of explaining ideas, brainstorming solution approaches, or asking critical questions.

Homework: I will use homework assignments integrated with class lectures and problem-solving to develop the main ideas of the course. Homework will not be collected for a grade, and while I do not expect everyone to solve every problem, investing significant time in wrestling with the underlying ideas will be critical for maintaining an understanding of what we are doing in class. Furthermore, chapter exams and the final will draw heavily from the assigned problems. 

Exams: Four chapter exams will be given in class. Before each exam, I will provide an overview of what will be covered. 

Special Topic Presentations: Every student in the class, in consultation with me, will choose a special topic of interest to them closely related to the content of the course to study and present to the class during one of our 50-minute periods. I will provide a list of potential topics and resources for your study, but with my approval, you may also choose other topics.

Final Paper: In place of a final exam, you will write a comprehensive, stand-alone paper on the topic you choose to present to the class. The final paper is due at the time scheduled for the final by the university, Wednesday, May 8 at 1:30 pm.

Graduate Credit: For credit in MATH 532, I will expect the selection of a more challenging topic for the class presentation and final paper.

Collaboration: Talk to each other and work together! You will learn from each other, perhaps more than you will learn from me during class. I encourage you to form study groups. Try the homework yourself, and then get together with a study group to go over questions, and to study for tests. Discuss your special topics with each other outside of class. You will learn a great deal from articulating your questions and explaining material to your peers.

Honor Code: All members of the University of Northern Colorado community are entrusted with the responsibility to uphold and promote five fundamental values: Honesty, Trust, Respect, Fairness, and Responsibility. These core elements foster an atmosphere, inside and outside of the classroom, which serves as a foundation and guides the UNC community's academic, professional, and personal growth. Endorsement of these core elements by students, faculty, staff, administration, and trustees strengthens the integrity and value of our academic climate. UNC's policies and recommendations for academic misconduct will be followed. For additional information, please see the Dean of Student’s website, Student Handbook link

Portable Electronic Devices: Please extend courtesy to your instructor and fellow students by turning off your portable electronic devices, and putting them away in your bag, during class. If you know that you may need to accept an emergency phone call during class or if you have children in childcare or school, please let the instructor know. If you need to take a phone call during class, please step out of the classroom while you complete your call.

Students with Disabilities: Students who require special accommodations due to a disability should contact Disabilities Support Services (351-2289) as soon as possible to better ensure that accommodations are implemented in a timely fashion.

Grades will be determined as follows:

MATH 432
MATH 532

Points Earned
Points Earned


Chapter Exams

930 - 1000
900 - 1000


Class Presentation 200

   A 900 - 929

800 - 899


Final Paper                             __200__

870 - 899

700 - 799


Total Possible

830 - 869
600 - 699

   B 800 - 829
0 - 599

770 - 799

700 - 769

600 - 699

0 - 599

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