MATH 432/532 - Basic Analysis II
  Spring 2013


Bioengineered kidney makes urine

University of Colorado scientists find evidence consistent with theory that dinosaur-era mass extinction was caused by super-heating of the upper atmosphere to 2,700 degrees F for several hours after collision with a Manhattan-size asteroid.
asteroid impact

Bean leaf hairs impale, trap bedbugs validating a Balkan folk remedy

Lip-smacking gelada monkeys may provide insights into origins of human speech

Scientists develop dream reading technology
Dream prediction

View Comet Pan-STARRS (C/2011 L4) with the naked eye over the next few days!
C2011 L4

Human Glial cells make mice smarter
Glial Cells

Two X-ray space observatories team up to measure the spin rate of a black hole definitively for the first time
(also verifying a model of rotational distortion of emitted radiation)

rotation vs. obscuration

Mathematical models show crater morphology of dinosaur-annihilating impact consistent with a binary asteroid
binary asteroids

Biologists: Pet cats kill up to 3.7 billion birds and 20.7 billion mice annually

Newly observed structure so large it challenges conventional thinking about the size of the universe
The Milky Way galaxy barely takes up a single pixel in this representation of Huge-LQG.
(Credit: Roger G. Clowes)

Most extensive census of insects, spiders and their relative uncovers 25,246 arthropod species in 1.2 acre section of Panamanian rainforest
bug census

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