MATH 132 - Calculus II
Spring 2014


Cassini captures potential new moon forming in Saturn's outer rings.
New Saturn Moon

After decade-long chase, spacecraft awakens, prepares to land on comet

Black hole at the center of our galaxy about to feast on giant gas cloud
black hole - gas cloud 2004 to 2013

Astronomers discover evidence for cosmic theory of inflation (bonus graphic explains cosmic inflation using a coffee metaphor)
Theory of Inflation

"Zombie" moss brought back to life after 1,500 years frozen in ice
zombie moss

Online encyclopedia of integer sequences

Herpetologist: Crocodiles climb trees!
crocodile in a tree

Marine biologists probe retrospectively obvious question: What happens when you feed peanut butter to a jellyfish?
peanut butter jellyfish

Australian neurobiologist discovers mantis shrimp scan colors like a satellite sensor.
mantis shrimp

An Elementary Proof of Error Estimates for the Trapezoidal Rule.
An Elementary Proof of Error Estimates for the
                Trapezoidal Rule

Mathematicians solve stability problem, develop flying machine that stays upright without sensors or righting mechanism.
jellyfish flying machine

Astronomers: Dark side of the moon is actually turquoise.
Dark Side of the Moon

Physicists propose ways to test whether we exist in a computer simulation.
energy surface
f_sim equation

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