MATH 131 - Calculus I
  Fall 2013

10334 at 8:00a
12384 at 10:10a

12385 at 10:10a
12393 at 3:35p

12989 at 1:25p


The final exam will be Monday, December 9th, from 4:15 to 6:45 pm in McKee L152.

Calculus Textbooks for Spring 2014 [details]

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A classic video about sphere eversion for when you need a study break this week [more]

To settle infinity dispute, a new law of logic [more]

Researchers find bacteria in the gut of mice communicate with the brain to influence behavior [more]

"If a nonnegative quantity was so small that it is smaller than any given one, then it certainly could not be anything but zero. To those who ask what the infinitely small quantity in mathematics is, we answer that it is actually zero. Hence there are not so many mysteries hidden in this concept as they are usually believed to be. These supposed mysteries have rendered the calculus of the infinitely small quite suspect to many people. Those doubts that remain we shall thoroughly remove in the following pages, where we shall explain this calculus."

-- Leonhard Euler