Networking (CS 442) -- Spring 2014

This page contains the syllabus for Networking for Spring 2014. "The course syllabus contains important information regarding course requirements and the grading system utilized. It is the responsibility of the students to read the syllabus and consult the instructor if they have questions."(from UNC 2013-2014 Undergraduate Catalog)

CS 442 002 - Networking - 3 credits
Spring 2014
Class meeting time and location:Monday and Wednesday, 9:05am - 10:20am in Ross Hall 2230G (Linux Lab)
All class material is accessible through Blackboard.

Instructor: Mehrgan Mostowfi, Ph.D.
School: Mathematical Sciences
Office location: Ross Hall 2240B
Office hours: Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday, 10:30am - 11:30am, or email to schedule an appointment.

Required textbook: The required textbook is Computer Networking: A Top-Down Approach, 6th Edition, by James F. Kurose, and Keith W. Ross. There will be assigned readings to complement the lectures. These readings will come from handouts and/or material in the textbook.

Catalog course description: Study data communications; network structure, design and architectures; network services and standardization; and respective networks all in the framework of the OSI model.

Course objectives: As a result of successfully completing this course, students will:
  1. Become familiar with layered communication architectures (OSI and TCP/IP).
  2. Understand the client/server model and key application layer protocols.
  3. Learn sockets programming and how to implement client/server programs.
  4. Understand the concepts of reliable data transfer and how TCP implements these concepts.
  5. Know the principles of congestion control and trade-offs in fairness and efficiency.
  6. Learn the principles of routing and the semantics and syntax of IP.
  7. Understand the basics of error detection including parity, checksums, and CRC.
Prerequisite: Course topics: This course will cover the following topics: Detailed course outline: A detailed course outline that includes readings, assignment and project deadlines, and exam dates is here.

Grading: Students will earn a grade based on assignments, a project, mid-term exam, and a comprehensive final exam. The grade breakdown is:
The grading scale is "no worse than" ("+" or "-" grades MAY be given to marginal performance, but do not expect them):

Course policies:

Academic Integrity/Academic Dishonesty: I expect students to be honest and not cheat on their assignments, project, and exams. Students may work together on the project with one other person in the class. Both students will earn the same grade. The exams must be completed without giving or accepting assistance from other students. Any source code copied from another source must be credited as such. Open source software used must maintain all headers and other information as required by the open source license used. I expect you to know the University's policies on student conduct, academic dishonesty, etc. UNC's policies and recommendations for academic misconduct will be followed. For additional information, please see the Dean of Student's website, Student Handbook link and current catalog.

Every part of this syllabus is subject to adjustment as the semester progresses. Please contact me as soon as possible if you have particular interest in material that is relevant to the class topic but not covered in enough detail; I will be happy to accommodate reasonable requests for modifications.

Last update on March 3, 2014