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We are still accepting applications for the program.  Classes begin June 10.

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Master's Program Notebook

The Math TLC Master's Program Notebook is a behind-the-scenes tour of the development of our program. Whether you're a teacher looking to learn more about courses, or a mathematics educator interested in developing similar programs, we hope you find the information useful and comprehensive.

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Overview files includes the initial grant proposal, in addition to responses to the Math TLC Core Questions from grant reviewers. Strategic plans for the program as a whole, the Master’s Program, and the Curriculum Framework for the Master’s Program can be found here too. Lastly, a list of individuals (PI’s, graduate assistants, Master’s Team, and staff, etc.) involved with the program and their contact information.

Math TLC Proposal

Strategic Plan



In this section you can find information about recruiting and selecting Master’s Program teacher-participants and faculty. Additionally, overall course requirements, course sequence for the program, and course development plans can be found here. The program’s implementation plans, deliverables matrix, and technology support plans are listed. Also, the Affiliation Agreement between UW and UNC is found in this section.

Recruitment Plan

Structure Plan (Delivery Timeline)

Implementation Plan

  1. Master Program Implementation Plan
    1. Year 1
    2. Year 2
  2. Deliverables Matrix
  3. Technology Support

Affiliation Agreement


Look here for course syllabi and contact information of course development team members. Additionally, you will find literature review white papers for online pedagogy, Mathematics as a Culturally Rich Subject, Culturally Responsive Mathematics Pedagogy, and Technology.

Course Notebook Description

Master Program Course Syllabi

  1. Algebra and Number Theory
  2. Continuous Mathematics
  3. Discrete Mathematics
  4. Modern Geometry
  5. Probability & Statistics
  6. Problem Solving
    • Syllabus
    • Course Development Team
  7. Action Research
  8. Mathematics Assessment
  9. Teaching Diverse Populations
  10. Mathematics Education Research
  11. Math Modeling
  12. History of Mathematics
    • Syllabus
    • Course Development Team
  13. Teaching of Algebra
    • Syllabus
    • Course Development Team
  14. Teaching of Discrete Mathematics
    • Syllabus
    • Course Development Team
  15. Teaching of Geometry
  16. Teaching Probability and Statistics
  17. Teaching Topics of Calculus
    • Syllabus
    • Course Development Team

Literature Reviews (White Papers)


This section includes evaluation planning for curriculum, teaching, and action research. Additionally, you will find evaluation reports from external evaluators, the National and Regional Advisory Boards, the research, technology, and master’s teams, and teacher participant’s surveys. Also, rubrics and measures used to evaluate the program courses can be found here.

Master Program Evaluation Plan

  1. Description of Evaluation
  2. Curriculum Evaluation Plan
  3. Teaching Evaluation
  4. Action Research Evaluation

Evaluation Reports

  1. the evaluations must be secret :)

Rubrics and Measures

  1. Mathematics as a Culturally Rich Subject (MCRS)
  2. Culturally Responsive Mathematics Pedagogy
  3. Shared Community Standards (SCS)
  4. Quality of Course Activities
  5. Quality of Completed Assignments
  6. Quality of Content Lessons
  7. Course Survey
    1. Course Survey
    2. Evaluation Form (NASC 5770)
  8. PCK Course Activities and Outcomes
  9. PCK Mentoring Ability
  10. Teacher-participant work evaluation
  11. Action Research Project assessment rubric

Professional Development

In this section you will find agendas and materials for the Professional Development provided to course development teams. These include helpful information on master's and teacher-leadership program development through seminar materials.

Agendas for PD

- maybe we just fly by the seat of our pants :)

Seminar Materials


This section includes details on the external presence of the program, including recruitment plans and execution. Additionally, presentations that were given about the program, publications, and website postings can be found in this section.

Dissemination and Recruitment

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Website Postings