Oscar Levin, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor

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  • 2009, Ph.D. (Mathematics), University of Connecticut.
  • 2006, M.A. (Mathematics), University of Connecticut.
  • 2004, B.A. (Philosophy), University of Northern Colorado.
  • 2004, B.S. (Mathematics), University of Northern Colorado.


I have taught a wide variety of courses at UNC: Math 131 and 132 (Calculus I and II), Math 228 (Discrete Mathematics), Math 321 and 322 (Abstract Algebra I and II) Math 341 (Modern Geometry I), Math 531 (Continuous Mathematics), Math 550 (Applied Probability and Statistics), Math 778 (Logic), and Math 795 (Graph Theory).

Research Interests

I work in an area of mathematical logic known as computability theory (or sometimes recursion theory). The goal is to understand to what extent "regular" mathematics is or is not algorithmic. I am especially interested in applications to algebra and combinatorics.


  • Levin, O. Computable Dimension of Ordered Fields, submitted for publication.
  • Jura, M., Levin, O., Markkanen, T. Domatic Partitions of Computable Graphs, Archive for Mathematical Logic, 53:1 (January 2014) 137-155.
  • Levin, O., Roberts, G. Counting Knights and Knaves, College Mathematics Journal, 44:4 (September 2013) 300-306.
  • Kach, A.M., Levin, O., Solomon, D.R., Embeddings of Computable Structures, Notre Dame Journal of Formal Logic, 51:1 (May 2010) 55-68.

See my research page for copies of these papers.


Contact Information

  • School of Mathematical Sciences, University of Northern Colorado
  • Ross 2239
  • Campus Box 122
  • 501 20th Street
  • Greeley, CO 80639
  • Tel: (970) 351-2820
  • Fax: (970) 351-1225